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["..when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, Come and see. And there went out

another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they

should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword..."]

Wars and ISIS and toppled governments mean "refugees" and migration.

The U. N, is moving people from third world countries as quickly as possible right under your nose.

Europe is gone, the native population will be history.

The U.N. cites "migration" as key to their plan.

The powerful will fill the countries of the world with majorities of under educated people.

These people will dominate the political will of each country and allow a one world government to emerge through ignorance.

You are being distracted by the MSM as Christians and Jews are being slaughtered by the millions.

Christians and Jews have to be removed because they believe in the rule of law.

They are a constraint to the agenda of the new world satanic order.

And yes, every job will be a union job.




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United nations have no pull with corporations...Bilderberg is a group of corporate and political heavy hitters.....Bilderberg shadows the UN and nudges them via corporate powers....Political correctness is one of their tools they nudge with....They use wedge issues to advance their political wants and to nudge policy to conform with their agenda...I look at the UN as the bully for the Bilderberg rats.. Bilderberg under leadership of Soros along with Rothchild and Rockefeller Families ,and a few others are the inner circle who manipulate corporations to do things. Getting rid of Bill Oreilly is just one little thing that shows a pathway back to them There is much behind what I say. It is what the truth of it is....This so called conspiracy is truth...Light being shun on this , is the winning strategy. I will never stop. I pray many others will learn of what I know and become teachers. That is how we win. One person at a time.

Well intentioned but it's hardly complicated.

Islam, a self-delusional cult seething w/neurotic rage and masquerading as a religion, has been the mortal enemy of Catholicism/Christianity since Tours in 732 AD; when Martel crushed the Moors.

It's conscious 'friend' is the atheistic and power craving left.

So who opposes this cabal of death??? Er..........the Republicans??? Hmm!!

Where is the House of Caesar when we desperately need it!!!!!!

The UN or the Bilderberg Group has nothing to do with ISIS. ISIS is a product of a Satanic Religion. But Bilderberg will use it as a tool to advance their agenda...NEVER LET A GOOD TRAGEDY GO TO WAIST. Evil ways of doing things for sure...THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS...Bilderberg probably likes all the killing because it helps with their problem of over population....I say their problem because that is how they view it as elites.

Bilderberg or Lederberg or any other Bergs, are obsessions of those such as Glenn Beck; who quite obviously is more than 20 years late for his appointment w/a competent Psychiatrist.
The rot eating away at the soul of Western Civilization; which has incubated and metastasized since the French Enlightenment; is as plain to grasp as our daily weather. Most emphatically we hardly need conspiracy theories to explain how we have arrived at our present dreadful nadir!!!!

Can not defeat your enemy without knowing who they are...Know your enemy is all I want . As far as Beck. When he found out about Bilderberg and who they were. He tried to make himself the big hero. He did actually teach some. But Glen is  self loathing . Who took the big dollar to shut up about Bilderberg. He was let go at fox shortly after his Bilderberg lessons....Glen was turned on to the Bilderbergs because he had a platform that could get the message out.

Bottom line is that Bilderberg  elite own the Democratic party.

I think ISIS was created, armed, and trained in Mexico by Obama and Eric Holder.

While Americans and much of the world continue to be fixated on the villainous activities of ISIS, the staggering death toll of Mexico’s drug war goes unnoticed.
In 2013 alone, Mexico’s narco gangs murdered nearly 17,000 people. Thousands more go missing each year, never to be found. Over the period of 2006-2012, more than 60,000 Mexicans have been killed in cartel-related violence. A total count of homicides in Mexico during the period of 2007-2014 is a shocking 164,000. Not all are linked to the drug war, but many, if not most, are. In an article for Al Jazeera Musa al-Gharbi argued that Mexican cartels are more dangerous and more murderous than ISIS, noting:
Statistics alone do not convey the depravity and threat of the cartels. They carry out hundreds of beheadings every year. In addition to decapitations, the cartels are known to dismember and otherwise mutilate the corpses of their victims — displaying piles of bodies prominently in towns to terrorize the public into compliance. They routinely target women and children to further intimidate communities. Like ISIL, the cartels use social media to post graphic images of their atrocious crimes.
The narcos also recruit child soldiers, molding boys as young as 11 into assassins or sending them on suicide missions during armed confrontations with Mexico’s army. They kidnap tens of thousands of children every year to use as drug mules or prostitutes or to simply kill and harvest their organs for sale on the black market. Those who dare to call for reforms often end up dead. In September, with the apparent assistance of local police, cartels kidnapped and massacred 43 students at a teaching college near the Mexican town of Iguala in response to student protests. A search in the area for the students has uncovered a number of mass graves containing mutilated bodies burned almost beyond recognition, but none of the remains have been confirmed to be of the students.
Large parts of Mexico, particularly on the US border, are virtually a war zone with rival cartels engaged in gun battles with each other and Mexican authorities. The cartels rule the roost and are a state within a state in Mexico. In fact, in some parts there is virtually no difference between the Mexican government, the police and the cartels. Even worse, the cartels have infiltrated many of America’s major cities, and hundreds of cartel related killings have been recorded within US borders.
One cartel hitman who was captured by US authorities admitted to personally beheading and dismembering at least 800 victims. Mass graves continue to be unearthed across Mexico, and savage displays of severed heads, as well as disemboweled corpses, are routinely witnessed in cartel-dominated areas. These heinous atrocities are often filmed and posted on the Internet.
Like ISIS, the US government itself has purposefully empowered certain cartels. The “Fast and Furious” scandal involved the Obama administration allowing 2,000 high-powered rifles to be shipped into Mexico, ostensibly as part of a series of ATF-directed “sting” operations to track the whereabouts of cartel members, but ended with the cartels getting the guns and nobody being arrested. At least one US border agent, Brian Terry, was killed with weapons that the US government delivered to the cartels.
The cartels have murdered hundreds of American citizens and US government employees on both sides of the border. Yet, despite these staggering, nearly genocidal, figures, media coverage of cartel violence is minimal compared to the hysteria surrounding ISIS and other Islamic rebels. If asked what is the biggest threat to the US, your average American will most likely say ISIS, irrespective of the realities of covert US government sponsorship of that group. Most Americans are uninformed, if not wholly unaware, of the murderous mayhem occurring on their own border. Yet, thanks to media bias, they are paralyzed in fear over a militant group locked in a multi-front sectarian war with multiple enemies thousands of miles away.
The Zionist-dominated media has programmed people to hate and fear only Muslims, so commensurate slayings by non-Muslim, mostly Catholic, Mexicans is overlooked or downplayed. Millions of Americans are murdered, raped and robbed by their fellow citizens each year, yet the media continues to stress “external” threats that are immeasurably less dire.
Western regimes causing the deaths of four million Middle Easterners since 1990 is, of course, a truth that gets flushed down the black hole of media silence. Israel’s butchering of thousands of innocents in the Palestinian territories every few years, and that regime’s key role in instigating bloodshed elsewhere in the region, goes unmentioned as well.
The fact that you’re far more likely to be killed by a cop, in a car crash, from heart disease (or any major disease), from an allergic reaction, by accidentally drowning in the bathtub, etc., than by the hands of a terrorist in America (or any Western country) doesn’t seem to matter to those under the spell of the media fear-merchants.

Hank...You need to donate your brain to science....I am not sure why I say this but I felt compelled to say it.

Nonsequiter - Sam's is selling canned tuna caught in China.


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