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Check List for Critical elements in the new health care plan

Checklist for Progress in Restoring our Healthcare System

"It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man who knows what the law is today can guess what it will be to-morrow." --James Madison, Federalist No. 62, 1788

Any health care plan must have more than a political foundation, but one that parallels the astounding success of the American economy because of its Founding Principles. Healthcare also has its foundation in the Corporal Works of Mercy - the venue of the Church and Synagogue that has proven success over the centuries and by the number of religious based health facilities in the United States. These must be honored.

Let’s work together and see how the legislation for our new Healthcare system is progressing. Here is a list you can mark up and discuss by numbers as the legislation moves through Congress. We have a duty to be proactive – not incessant whining. Our lives depend on it.


  1.     Mandates. All Federal requirements for inclusion in health care policies are hereby repealed.
  2.     The decision to purchase health insurance is an individual choice
  3.     Employers have a choice to provide health insurance as part of employee benefit programs.
  4.     The cost of health care insurance benefits provided shall be exempt from taxation of any kind.
  5.     The provision of health insurance is a commercial activity, including health savings accounts to be managed by the individual states with these exceptions:
  6.     Reciprocity. Each state must recognize insurance policies purchased in other states.
  7.     Citizens/residents of any state may purchase health insurance in any state.
  8.     The US Department of Commerce shall not regulate the processes and procedures.
  9.     Consumers may choose health care insurance ala carte costed-out on an individual basis.
  10.     Types of health insurance policies.
  11.     Minimal insurance to cover emergency medical treatment.
  12.     Well care plus emergency medical care.
  13.     Basic general plans to cover well care, emergency medical care and routine ongoing medical treatments including doctor office visits, testing, and follow up care.
  14.     Insurance companies may offer limited, temporary insurance at the catastrophic care level.
  15.     The regulatory process is a state, not a Federal responsibility
  16.     Federal funding of medical care cannot efficiently, compassionately or economically accomplish optimum care of the individual except as a last resort under major medical and catastrophic care.
  17.     All health care-health service providers shall provide lifesaving treatments in emergency situations whether the patient has health insurance or not.
  18.     The patient shall be fully responsible to pay for compensating the health care provider for services rendered.
  19.     Religious and fraternal institutions will not be discouraged from covering such treatment costs, including paying for such services to a third party provider.
  20.     Medical professionals and institutions along with family or community care givers may not be prohibited from providing pro bono services to the helpless and indigent.
  21.     Tort Reform - Americans longing to return to excellence, accessibility, and affordability in health care will emulate the positive effects tort reform has on malpractice liability in the state of Texas.
  22.     Individuals and families benefiting from emergency and healing care paid by others will be encouraged/required to compensate or “pay it forward” to the benefit of others in a like situation.
  23.     Matters of Faith - No health care provider, and no resident of the United States shall be compelled to provide services or to participate in a health care program that the individual says violates his or her beliefs.
  24.     No individual or institution shall be required to violate their respect for or belief in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.
  25. Alternatives to commercial health insurance
  26.     Communal
  27.     Religious affiliated
  28.     Specialized group
  29.     Collective assurance associations

These already exist in various forms with notable success. They may also develop and operate membership health care programs, as allowed by laws of the state wherein formed. These plans shall have the same force and full reciprocity among the States.

Medical care functions best with a philosophy of love and responsibility for the welfare of others. Personal responsibility and the solidarity of a united nation are key.


Submitted by:

Gerald V. Todd and James Coles III

(661) 213-6288   wildvortex@icloud.com


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Thank you for your input, does give me something to question Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Grothmann, & Rep. Ron Kind.  And I'm writing to Senator Ron Johnson and  SenatorTammy Baldwin. (Baldwin will veto it if it makes it to the Senate because she's anti-Trump) My call is - Paul Ryan and company, you are fired. My letters and emails to their offices have been drafted and will be completed and sent tomorrow.

Rand Paul was right this is Obamacare lite - and why were they keeping this bill hidden until Monday. Seems that Obamacare was handled the same way. - Need to pass it to see what's in it, right? 

No to this - we want complete repeal of Obamacare.

Thanks Virginia. Actually my hope is we use the check list more proactively.

See what is in the current draft and mark your check list. Ryan tells us there are stages to the process because of legal constraints. His argument is cogent - though I trust much less than I'd like to,

There are specific subsidiarity, solidarity and even Chaos (Not rioting in the streets, but unexpected meeting or discoveries) in the check list. 

Maybe pick your hot buttons and help me develop them.


Checklist for Progress in Restoring our Healthcare System
This would tend to suggest there is a place to go to in the past.Thanks to the ACA we can never go back to A place in the past.So where to go when you start out in the hole with insuring dependents until 26 & pre existing conditions that weren't covered pre ACA. So with the costs already front loaded this will be equal to pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

There's a difference between going back to the past and seeking ways to apply eternal truths. ACA is 2,700 pages long, loaded with special privileges for certain groups, eugenic in nature as are it architects, Gruber, Singer and Emanuel who have visions of a drastically reduced human population "by any means necessary.'

Even a progressive totalitarian can have a good idea. Sadly the 26/parents policy is a cause and effect of the economic conditions and a college eduction structure that drives student deep into debt.

There are also levels where the Feds have a role - as in catastrophic care. Being in a controlling position at that level violates the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity. We need to open healthcare to every level of and means of care - not a one size fits all. Between putting the responsibility at the state level and being open to a wide variety of associations will lead to fantastic improvements in quality of care that also incorporates the human spirit - not just bodily ills.

I do appreciate your comments and try to learn from them. 

Trump has proven he is ready to move the ball on many issues. We can not bog him down on a single issue. To much more we need him to do. This healthcare issue has become part of our society. ..ONCE THE BABY TASTES SUGAR IT WANT`S IT MORE AND MORE. I think we should be satisfied with a half win on thas for now. Need Trump to move on from this...Get rid of the mandate clause and call it good enough....Maybe the future will bring an opportunity to do more with this...Lets not burn day light...JMHO.

There are also levels where the Feds have a role - as in catastrophic care.
6,7 & 8k out of pocket ACA plans seem to me to be catastrophic plans .


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