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a.      Repeated deliberate offenses will be dealt with from reminder to permanent removal.
   8.      No official commercial campaigning materials or endorsement of political candidates other than as a private preference or belief will be allowed. 
a.      Members may suggest for discussion the information found when vetting a potential candidate, they can request/survey other members for their comments about a candidate, and may even state a personal preference a certain candidate and give their personal reasons why they prefer them, but they may not run COMMERCIAL political ads for any candidate on the site. 
b.    Discussions must be held with proper decorum and not devolve into members sniping against each other. They may use their PRIVATE GROUPS to state their beliefs and preferences subject to the private site administrator's interpretation of the rules. (This does not mean the private site administrator may ignore the WTPUSA rules, but simply take a less strict stance on them within the confines of the private group..
   9.      Spamming, commercial or otherwise will not be tolerated neither will threats or bullying and will result in immediate suspension pending further investigation. This includes private message spam. Members are requested to cut and past a copy of any such and send them to the main Administrator for the group and for the Main Site Admin as well.
a.      Repeat multiple offenders from the same email domains or IP addresses will have the email domains and IP addresses blocked, and if many IP's that come from the same range of IP's are used, that entire block of IP's will be blocked from the site. 
   10.  Anything else that is found to be causing disunity among the members will be evaluated for possible actions. Under no circumstances will a person’s freedom of speech be infringed, but diatribes, tirades, pedagogic monologues or harangues not be approved of and will be dealt with accordingly on a case by case basis.
11.I find I must add another rule; No posting of nude or lewd pictures. No Pornography. Violation will result in immediate removal and blocking of the violating party.5/22/17
Rules subject to change without notice. 

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