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I just want cable providers to offer a pick list of channels. I do not want my monthly payments to go toward keeping leftist propaganda funded.


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My provider gives me a huge list of channels. CNN is there but I never watch it. But I did watch MSNBC the night of the election - it was a pleasure to see the libs squirm and suffer and almost cry as the evening turned into night, and Trump's victory was assured. I had a lot of fun, and am glad I get MSNBC. I watched them also during the 2014 elections - same unhappy, desparate lefties. 

My family has been boycotting CNN for almost ten years. You are late to the game. 

I remember the peak oil scare of 2008 when it took two transactions to fill up my truck with 4.00 gasoline. VISA and ExxonMobil both had record profits in the hundreds of billions. CNN is so corrupt. Their best skill is distraction. Every time the IRSS was testifying they bombarded people with Travon or some other BS.
CNN and MSNBC are still around because we let it it happen. Senator McCain is defending them on national television. Great fodder for a mid term beat down.


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