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Compelling Reasons We Must Demand Our States Petition For An Article V Amendment Proposal Convention

Both Parties have shown their True Colors with the Election of President Trump. They have shown they do not give a Tinkers Damn about We The People and what we want. They both have ignored us, and elevated themselves from servants to Lords and Masters.The only way we can restore our Republic is to do it through the Article V Amendment process to take back the power that was stolen from us through manipulations of our "representatives' over the years.

Many will say if they ignore the Constitution now, no new laws will make them change. Unfortunately the fallacy in that logic is ignoring the 14th Amendment that takes away the power of the People and the States with the three words "No State Shall" and funds Federal Expansion with the 16th, and also removes the States check on Federal Government through the 17th that removed State Control of their Representatives, the Senate.Now Senators can not be removed for going against their State Legislatures desires and are only responsible to their political Parties which are the New Central Government Rulers. All of the Three Amendments combined give them the power to ignore the rest of the Constitution and dictate to the States and People.

 We need to regain all the power both political parties have stolen from us over the years. We need to demand our Legislatures petition for an Article V Amendment proposal convention where the first order of business is to act on the Original three Toxic Amendments they slipped past us for their benefit.

Repeal or modify the 14th amendment


Repeal the 16th & 17th amendments.


From there we must institute Term limits for all elected Federal Employees.


A return to Civil Service for all hired Federal Employees.


A method or citizen review board for removing Federal Appointees including Federal Judges except the Supreme Court.


An Amendment forbidding any Presidential Appointments after August 30 of the last year of the Presidents term unless allowed by 7/8 vote of Congress with that 7/8 vote acting as confirmation of appointment


A  joint confirmation for any Judicial Appointment including the Supreme Court, except from August 30 of the Presidents final year in office, by both the Senate and House with a 3/4 majority of confirming votes. Should there be a deadlock then the confirmation shall be set out in a special election to the people with a simple majority vote by the people of 50%+1 to confirm.


An Amendment that strengthens our 2nd Amendment Rights and removes all prior Federal Laws and Restrictions imposed since 1800, and would require the States to allow their citizens vote on all existing State Requirements to allow them to continue and furthermore, to submit any new laws or restrictions on firearms to a vote of the citizens of the State with 7/8 of the total votes necessary to maintain existing laws to continue, or allow new laws to be enacted.


An amendment that reverses all Federal Land acquisitions to date. Restricts any new land grabs for parks and other uses until the Federal Govt, and the People of that State decide by 3/4 majority to Maintain the present conditions and/or allow new Government acquisitions for new acquisitions. This would reverse the infamous SCOTUS decision about allowing for Eminent Domain Land Condemnations for private instead of public projects.Only Existing Military Bases/Military Reservations, Defense Locations/Defense/Research, Defense/Manufacturing and/or Testing Facilities at the time of this amendments proposal would be exempt from this amendment.


An Amendment that removes all automatic funding and requires Congress to vote on all funding being done with every new Congress.


A Balanced Budget Amendment that requires Congress to use the prior years collected Revenue as the basis that limits spending and disallows deficit spending except in times of a Declared War like WWII or a National Emergency or Natural Disaster of major proportions.


An Amendment that requires Congress and the President to submit a set of priorities for spending to the public by April 15th of every Calendar year. This must be in Plain English of common usage, and understandable without any legalese.


An Amendment that Forbids any one in Federal Government Service, in Elected Office Including Congress, or any Federally Hired/Appointed Person, from being exempt from Laws enacted by Congress.


An Amendment that restricts the pay of any Elected Member of Congress to the median average of the State where they were elected. Also restricts their pensions of existing Congressional Representatives to the median average of their constituents. Ending Pensions for President and Congress for all new electees after it's ratified.


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Wisconsin is working on this right now. Have gotten 3 letters asking me to stand against this, trying to explain it will take away our rights.  Have no interest in these profiteering groups. Will certainly support the Article V convention. Just need to make sure care is taken . (Most important - no Obama accomplices)

Couldn't resist this quote.  

From a Louis L’Amour western SITKA, Signet printing, Dec 1991, on page 151.)

“Strange how it was always the spoiled who weakened and cried 1ST, and it was the injured, the maimed, the blind, and the poor who fought on alone.”

It’s such a shame that our government doesn’t care about the citizens of America – instead of their own wants.


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