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This is for anyone who does not get Cable TV...It is also for all who get it also.

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Rush defends Bill O`Reilly

Political Correctness gets Judge G. Fired...

I found O`REILLY

Right Side Broadcasting makes it on Bilderberg hit list

We must stick up for our conservative mouthpiec es....

Looks like fox takes down the U tube videoas. I thought I would drop them off for those who do not get cable. Oh well their loss. There are plenty of good conservative news sources on the inter net. Thing is, the corporation shadow government is making life harder for them to exist. ..More censoring by the you know who...

Here is a thought...Ann Coulter gets cancelled. They extreme left feels like they win...Not so fast I say. This blatant disregard to free speech will hurt the left fringe. While the right put up with the Obama years in hopes that 2016 would be their time. The right wins and the left will not allow the voice of We The People to stand. Big mistake on their part. And here is why...By shutting down free speech that allowed the left to get their way. Now they do not want free speech.. All they have done is changed the rules. Rules which they will regret changing because all they are is a bunch of LOAD MOUTH PUSSIES. When the ALT-RIGHT starts beating their little punk asses they will scream for their voice to be heard.I say ...let it rip tater chip....Let the beatings begin....Next time a left wing talking head gives a speech at Berkeley, it is time to take the gloves off and shut them down.

Purple shirts, SEIU signs, violence, I wonder who is behind the chaos in our union controlled universities?



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