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The Dutch Tulip Bubble of 1637
The later part of the 20th century saw its share of odd financial bubbles. There was the real-estate bubble, the stock market bubbles, and the dot com bubble, just to name a few. In each instance of price inflation people paid exorbitant amounts for things that shouldn’t have been worth anything like the going price. And each time people stood around afterwards and said “What were we thinking?”

One has to believe that the same thought occurred to the Dutch in the 17th century when they settled down after their bout with tulipomania, wherein the humble tulip bulb began to sell for prices to make New York Realtors blanch.

As much as the tulip is associated with Holland, it is not native there. Rather it was introduced in 1593 by a botanist named Carolus Clusius, who brought it from Constantinople. He planted a small garden, intending to research the plant for medicinal purposes. Had Clusius’s neighbors been morally upright, the tulip might still be a rare exotic in the gardening world. Instead they broke into his garden and stole some of his bulbs in order to make some quick money, and in the process started the Dutch bulb trade
Just sayin!

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Knowing there were problems ahead for the Jews, Soros’ father, who was a successful lawyer, bribed a government official to take 14 year old George Soros in and say he was his Christian godson. While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his appointed “godfather” around confiscating property from Jews. George admitted it wasn’t difficult at all to take part in taking property from the Jews. Kroft asked Soros if it bothered him?


Soros has bragged about it and even called himself GOD. The fact remains he self admitted he is a WAR CRIMINAL and has not been prosecuted for it. Where is Masaud/Rosenthal when we need them

Soros-Tied Group Took Out Milo Yiannopoulos
In two days, Milo Yiannopoulos lost a $250,000 book deal, his speaking engagement at CPAC, and his job as senior IT editor at Breitbart News over comments he made more than a year ago about Pedophilia. He seemed to suggest he was sympathetic with the idea.
Not to exonerate Milo Yiannopoulos’s own mistakes, but he was targeted by the Reagan Battalion, a group that seemed to come out in support of Evan McMullin’s ridiculous candidacy for president in 2016. The group also seemed to support Marco Rubio at one point.

I find it hard to side with him..He is certainly a weird sort of fellow.  I think it best if he just shrunk back into closet. Making issue of this kind of crap seems to  normalize it....Some things are best left in creepyville.

He was a danger to the left because he can articulate the failings of the left to young and stupid people which helps the right.
He was gaining too much power and momentum so the left dug up dirt, twisted it and boxed in CPAC so they would not dare give the speaker such a large platform. He likes black men but the left will kill their own in the name of Godless globalism.

He was gaining too much power and momentum Bingo!

Here is a total SNOW FLAKE

Don't touch me whitey!
Cracka please!

Maxine Waters. No credit to her race...That`s for sure

Not even a good "useful idiot" she is too dumb to be an idiot.


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