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Here is something I found for your arguments against gun control deaths versus Planned Parenthood's murderous inception in 1973...55 million deaths per PP. Lives lost by gun violence since 1973...Just shy of 525,000. (1973-2013) 


Thank you DEMONRATS and Margret Sanger...may you all rest in hell.

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Very Good points, but McConnell has thrown in the towel once again


Planned Parent Hood = Pro choice = is to choose the type of birth control you fill comfortable to prevent pregnancy.

Pro life = is life; and Pro choice is no longer an option as it was relinquished at conception.

Gun control - is a holstered gun, then removed and used as needed to defend.




God help us if she has ever had children...they could be our "future" representatives.

The Coming National Gun Ban – and How the States Can Resist
By Michael Filozof

The law of averages predicts that at some time in the future, perhaps as soon as 2017, the Democratic Party will once again control the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress. When that happens, the next Democratic president -- be it Hillary Clinton or someone else -- will sign into law a sweeping, foreign-style gun ban.

The legislation has already been written.read on

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/10/the_coming_national...
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