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This is from Oren Long;

In yesterday's Senate Confirmation Hearing for Judge Kavanaugh, a Democrat Senator (I forget whom) praised the demonstrators in the Gallery disrupting the Hearing by saying, "This is what democracy looks like".   WHAT A DIMBULB!   Unbeknownst to him, HE WAS RIGHT -- IT'S EXACTLY WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!
"Democracy" (mob rule) would happily murder anyone and everyone who had the temerity to, however gently, disagree with them.   If their own parents, siblings, spouses, and children disagreed with them, on any subject, for any reason, under any circumstance, they would feel totally morally justified in murdering them -- "FOR THE GREATER GOOD", OF COURSE.
Happily, we still have a Republic -- BARELY!
I am increasingly coming to believe that we are in the beginning stages of the Second Civil War.   It will either be all of them or all of us.

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Response from Jim Lakes;

That's what I have been saying now for a couple of years. And as you stated, with the "circus" that is taking place with this conformation, it just proves how low and demanding the "LEFT" is willing to go to achieve their ultimate goal.
We just have to be as strong in our goal and wonder how many would be willing to "take that stand" if it all came down to that. Only God knows.

More on this from Oren Long;

Yesterday, Mark Steyn was substituting for Rush Limbaugh.   He interviewed a female author who has written a book about speech on campuses and how anyone and anything that disagrees with the Radical Left is being methodically eliminated and stamped out.   I should have written down her name and the name of the book, but I didn't -- my bad.
Anyway, she documented that the Radical Left has basically decided and decreed that words are weapons and, as such, are dangerous (not THEIR words, of course; just OURS).   Said "dangerous weapons" must be eliminated for the literal, physical "safety" of the "victim students" who cannot possibly be safe otherwise.   
                                             S T O P     L A U G H I N G     - -     D A M M I T     - -     T H I S     I S     S E R I O U S     ! ! ! ! 
They really, truly BELIEVE that conservative speech, heterosexuality, the Constitution, religion, et al are actual PHYSICAL THREATS that can hurt them PHYSICALLY!   
She also noted it has been assumed that once these snowflakes leave college and join the real world, they dump all this tripe and wake up.   "Not so", she contends.   Instead, it has wormed its way into the social fabric with devastating results that we can see all around us.   I agree with her.   The First Amendment is being vilified and [Left-Wing] "Free Speech" weaponized.
We see religion (except for Islam) being attacked as "hate speech".   We see conservatives prevented from speaking on campus.   We see conservatives confronted and attacked in public.   We see Social Media giants shutting down conservative speech online.   We see public schools dumping the Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, teaching Socialism/Communism and slamming Capitalism.   We see athletes kneeling in protest (of what they have no clue).   We see Nike signing a has-been/never-was for millions of dollars to sell shoes to protesters and snowflakes.   We see citizens attacked in the street for supporting Trump and the Constitution.             
Too many fear that the Second Amendment will be thrown away and guns seized if the Left gains control.   Well, that may eventually happen, but first the Left must gain control of the mind.   The best way to do that is to control public dialogue.   AND, the best way to do that is to control speech, thought, and education.   
When Pol Pot seized control of Cambodia he set out to murder anyone and everyone who could even read or write.   Everyone with an education was killed in an effort to dumb down the public into a mindless blob of humanity.   He damned near succeeded before he was overthrown.   A logical person would contend that such an approach could not possibly work, that people simply would not cooperate.   Well, they DID.   The "authorities" went along with it like the good little robots they were.   Such is the way of government. 
In the French Revolution, ANYONE who dared to stand against the Socialist Revolution (and make no mistake, the French Revolution WAS a "Proletariat" Revolution) was killed.   Churches were burned or turned into Socialist housing.   Priests and nuns were slaughtered.   Religion, itself, was declared an "enemy of the State".   The educated were marched to the guillotine.   It got so bad that even house servants and chamber maids were killed.   They eventually even killed Robspierre, the father of the Revolution.   He found that he, too, was what Staling called a "useful idiot", eliminated when he had out-lived his usefulness.   It only stopped when they literally ran out of people to kill.      
In the Russian Revolution, shopkeepers, merchants, farmers, etc. were seen as Capitalists and were killed with the result that Russia damned near starved to death and working clocks/watches could not be found in Russia for DECADES.   Schools and universities were turned into propaganda arms for the Communists.   Religion was outlawed.   There was NO free speech or thought.   Anyone who questioned, even in the slightest, the Communist Manifesto was immediately killed or sent to a work camp where they died.  
They are doing it, again, this time using Constitutional values and law to undermine the Constitution and American Society.   The aforementioned author said that we can write all the op-eds we like, but it will make no difference.   The Left is on the march!   Unless and until We The People stand up and say, "STOP IT!" it will continue.
In WWII, the Jews protested, but meekly climbed into the cattle cars, with devastating results.   The ONLY time they fought back was in the Warsaw Ghetto and it took several German Divisions to overwhelm them.   IF Germans had stood up to the Nazis in the beginning, there would have been no Hitler or WWII in Europe.
Like those meek Jews, we, too, are "going along to get along"; all in the name of Political Correctness and free speech, the very freedom the Left is using to kill freedom of speech and thought.
Well, NOT ME!   I am in Kansas where we have open/concealed carry, no permit required.   I am armed all the time and am never confronted -- imagine that!   I have ordered a MAGA hat and will wear it proudly!   As I told one Lefty, "Yeah, come on down my drive, I'll give you a little touch-up!"   Or, as I told my other brother, "When there is nothing you will die for, you have nothing to live for".     
As I previously said, I am increasingly coming to believe that a second Civil War is coming.   It will either be all of them or all of us.
In yesterday's Senate Confirmation Hearing for Judge Kavanaugh, a Democrat Senator (I forget whom) praised the demonstrators in the Gallery disrupting the Hearing by saying, "This is what democracy looks like".   WHAT A DIMBULB!   Unbeknownst to him, HE WAS RIGHT -- IT'S EXACTLY WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!
"Democracy" (mob rule) would happily murder anyone and everyone who had the temerity to, however gently, disagree with them.   If their own parents, siblings, spouses, and children disagreed with them, on any subject, for any reason, under any circumstance, they would feel totally morally justified in murdering them -- "FOR THE GREATER GOOD", OF COURSE.

Further commentary to me from Oren Long;

M, and others,
I may have to modify my theory.   I still think heads will roll after the mid-terms, but . . .
None of us have a clue what Trump will do or when he will do it.   It is entirely possible that he will pull an October Surprise, declassify all the documents, and ORDER the DOJ to release them ALL -- IMMEDIATELY!   If the DOJ refuses to obey his orders or even just drags its feet with some lame-ass excuse, that would be insubordination and Trump could fire them all right before the election.   I could easily see that scenario playing out.
That would ignite a firestorm in the media.   We already suspect the Dems will turn out in droves so it wouldn't much affect Dem turnout, BUT it could be what we need to get our side to the polls.   The Dems would be all over the news, shooting themselves in the foot with outrageous comments and enraging conservatives in the process.   
I am no pundit, nor can I read Trump's mind.   Even those closest to him are often caught flat-footed.   Trump plays his cards very close to the vest (he would probably be one Hell of a poker player).   
Your last sentence/question was most intriguing, "Any ideas on how to scare the shit out of the voters and get them to vote . . . ?"   Sadly, it isn't a matter of scaring the voters; it's a matter of getting the GOP Elite and RNC on board and to FIGHT.   They, like so many in "Fortress Washington", really don't think the country or the Constitution are in any real danger.   They actually kind of like having Democrats in control and being the perennial also-ran Party as long as they still get re-elected and are invited to all the parties.   Plus, they don't like Trump OR his agenda.   Given a choice they would rather lose the country than lose their illegal nannies and gardeners.   They are not that concerned about deficits as long as their lives stay the same.   They couldn't care less if entire cities are nuked as long as it isn't Washington.   
The Dems fight like their lives depend on it while the Reps offer only token resistance.   The GOP doesn't see a real threat (except from Trump); you and I do.   The key is not the voters, but lies with GOP Leadership and getting the RNC to actually spend money FIGHTING the Dems.   They remind me of the Jews who meekly protested being rounded up, but marched into the ovens anyway.   
That said, I still think we have a very good chance of making gains in both the House and Senate.   Don't forget the 2016 election.   EVERYONE thought Hillary would win.   EVERYONE said Trump would lose.   EVERYONE was shocked.   The media is busy fomenting their relentless propaganda, once again believing they are in control and can tell us what to believe, what to do, and how to vote.   It reminds me of the old TV commercial, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids".   
All we can do is keep spreading the word and get everyone we know to the polls.   We cannot allow ourselves to become disheartened by all the fake news.
Keep the faith, my friend.   It all depends on Trump and his strategy.   He is very good at pulling a rabbit out of a hat.   As an old Bridge player I can tell you that Trump is the only one I know who can lead away from a King and get away with it.   He will play his cards at just the right moment.
I will strenuously disagree with one point by Oren; I believe the KEY is with the voters getting to the polls, and the GOP leadership must mount a formidable campaign and spend money fighting the Dems.

I pray and hope that many American`s can see how low politicians can stoop. What is happening to Judge  Kavanaugh is a political circus. The lady who is crying attempted rape is a member and Donor of the D party. Marched in the Me To movement march against Trump in D.C.. And has signed many partitions against this Administration. She has proven bias.....Like I say....I PRAY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN SEE THE WHOLE TRUTH.-

Considering the Kavanaugh Hit piece Oren has some more insights;

This is just more "Stormy Daniels, Anita Hill, the lying bitch who made false allegations against Judge Roy Moore (later proven false, but not until the damage was done), and now the 'conveniently timed' allegations against Judge Kavanaugh".   The long and the short of it is that the Democrats cannot compete on the battlefield of ideas and are reduced to two cards, race and sex.
As for the RINO Jeff Flake, well, he is just trying to do as much damage as possible before leaving the Senate.   It's that simple.   He just needed the most lame excuse to vote "no" due to his OBVIOUS hatred of Trump.   Again, it's that simple.   
The Dems are obviously trying to stall until they truly believe they will retake the Senate and can stop any and all, even moderately conservative, candidates of President Trump.   Yeah, right; that'll happen!
Once again, and in true form, the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot.   It's almost like they are gazing down the barrel of a shotgun and pulling the trigger, believing that NOTHING bad could possibly happen.   In reality, all they are doing is enraging, EVEN FURTHER, the average, ordinary, Republican (and even Independent) voter.
It reminds me of the quote from Admiral Yamamoto in WWII, "I fear all we have done in awaken a sleeping giant and instill in him a terrible resolve".
The good news is that, if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, the next most likely appointment would be a judge named "Amy" (I forget her whole name) who is even more conservative than Kavanaugh and is apparently as pure as the new-driven snow.
Dang, hate when that happen, don't you?


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