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Starting a column where I hope to get a lot of participation from the members researching the subject.

I'll start it off with two pictures. the first will show the 12 ruling families based on money and the second will show the six politicians in Soros pocket;

Ok People, lets see how well you all can research and post.


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Say w hat you want about Alex Jones.. But he understands the Bilderberg Group and the NWO

Some do understand what the Truth of it all is....

John McCain exposes himself as a NWO Globalist


  1. Paul Ryan (WI), House Speaker, $10,800.
  2. Jeb Bush $2,700.
  3. Marco Rubio (FL), $2,700.
  4. Joe Heck (NV), $2,500.
  5. John McCain (AZ), $2,500.
  6. Ed Royce (CA), $2,500.
  7. Lindsey Graham (SC), $2,500.
  8. Carlos Curbelo (FL), $1,000.
  9. Chuck Grassley (IA), $1,000.
  10. Ron Johnson (WI), $1,000.
  11. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA), $1,000.
  12. Tim Canova (FL), $1,000.

In 2016, Soros Fund Management “contributed” a total of $281,200 to 57 federal political candidates, the majority of whom were Democrats, Hillary Clinton being the largest recipient, at $22,400. (Source: OpenSecrets.org)

Source; http://rightalerts.com/the-list-of-gop-traitors-who-took-money-from...


sent to me by J.Keel

America's Communist Lawyers' Union Roger Nash Baldwin is the man Democrat President Jimmy Carter awarded the medal of freedom to on January 16, 1981.

The ACLU's holy war against the Boy Scouts, the LA County Official Seal (containing a tiny Cross), holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, the 10 Commandments, God -- and even the Constitution itself -- has unmasked the ACLU as a tyrant less interested in civil rights than imposing judicial restraints that amount to suppression of majority rights by a tiny minority. Communist ACLU founder Roger Baldwin, who zealously sought to recreate America in the Soviet image, once said: "I have continued directing the unpopular fight for the rights of agitation, as director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth.

Communism is the goal." Roger Baldwin was a student of communist Emma Goldman who tutored him in subversive ideology of Lenin, together with secular humanism. He claimed Emma as "one of the chief inspirations of his life". In 1920 he moved his offices in with the Communist Party's paper, New Masses and renamed the group a final time to the ACLU. He developed many ties with the communist movement and even wrote a book, "Liberty Under the Soviets", which bragged about the "liberty won for anti-religion".

"I Joined. I don't regret being a part of the Communist tactic, which increased the effectiveness of a good cause. I knew what I was doing. I was not an innocent liberal. I wanted what the Communists wanted"- Roger Baldwin, ACLU Founder.

For it's first 60 years 80% of ACLU Board and Committee Members had Communist affiliations, and 90% of its cases were involved in defending Communists. Consider these cases and official positions:

- 1952 Led the campaign against exposing the Communist element in the entertainment industry. 
- 1960 Fought to legally prohibit Christmas displays and celebrations at public schools. 
- 1962 Argued that a daily prayer recital was an illegal "establishment of religion". 
- 1973 "Doe v. Bolton" case along with "Roe v. Wade" helped overturn anti-abortion laws. 
- 1982 Positioned itself against teaching of Creationism in favor of exclusive Evolution. 
- 1986 Argued against prayers before High School football games. 
- Argued in favor of allowing open gays in the military.

They have also sought the following restrictions:

- Halt the singing of Christmas Carols in public facilities. 
- Deny tax -exempt status for Churches. 
- Remove all military chaplains. 
- Remove all Christian symbols from public property. 
- Prohibit Bible reading in classrooms even during free time. 
- Remove In God We Trust from our coins. 

The one thing you can count on is the fact that your civil liberties are in jeopardy from this organization, IslamoFascism is not the only threat to your freedom, ACLU sedition is a greater threat.

I am delighted to see Senator John McCain included among the 6 politicians who are reportedly accepting money from George Soros.   That he  is not now living in disgrace is a testament to the power of the forces protecting and  using  him. 

I think he is fighting Trump so hard because he has many skeletons that need to stay in closet. His little empire that he put together was built on the evil dollar. He is a phony. The Deep State is the problem that is directly on Trumps way. I do believe he is looking to expose it more and more as time goes on. We need to help by spreading the Truth of it...Paper cut by paper cut is the way for now. Election by election. We can not afford any more backward steps on our march to constitutional health..We are gaining in numbers. But the LIBERTY MOVEMENT needs teachers to be on same page. Trump is the Leader that will show the way forward. More and more young conservatives are sprouting up.

George Soros is under attack.....NICE...

Understanding the evil forces that the elite establishment use to benefit their agenda, is hard to recognize.Not ever conspiracy is true. Much of it is fake.But much of the conspiracy thinking pans out to be true.Those who do not see the NWO Globalists as the enemy of our constitutional republic. Are either ignorant or guilty of benefiting off the establishment ways. The handouts or political power that many get, has them sticking their heads in the sand or outright defending it because they have skeletons in the closet.The devil has worked his ways on so many...He is such a crafty sucker for sure.....THANK GOD SOME ARE WILLING TO WALK THE LINE OF CONSPIRACY TO FORCE OUT THE TRUTH.

Here is A video that John McCain wishes you not to see.


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