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Starting a column where I hope to get a lot of participation from the members researching the subject.

I'll start it off with two pictures. the first will show the 12 ruling families based on money and the second will show the six politicians in Soros pocket;

Ok People, lets see how well you all can research and post.


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That is correct for a Congress called Amendment proposal convention. However the States can also call one by having 34 States petition Congress for said convention and Congress at that point has no recourse but to open one and step back. The rest of the protocols remain the same as originated by Congress. The Delegates must agree on the exact wording of any proposal before it can be submitted to Congress for Congress to officially send out to the 50 States for Ratification. The Ratification process is the same and 38 States must Ratify for an amendment to become law. Contrary to propaganda put out by those who would stand to lose their stolen power, the main body of the Constitution can not be opened and changed by an Article V convention. The other thing that must be realized is Amendments are not permanent as shown by the 18th and 21st.People like Publius Huldah are not speaking the truth about dangers of a State petitioned for Article V Convention because the same safeguards are present as with a Congress called convention. Look at the amendments we have so far. Except for the Bill of Rights all the rest do not benefit the public or then States only Congress and the Federal Government. Strange isn't it that they all were proposed by Congress without any input from the States except for ratification Also look up the Original 13th Amendment Somehow it was deleted from the Constitution without repeal, you can look it up on the net. The way it wqas written it would have prevented any Lawyers from serving in Congress.

Fair enough.

As for the lawyers, Shakespeare vigorously urged we kill them all but barring them from Congress is at least a good start!!!

Be well.

Some expert views of the shadow government can learned in this video

The Shadow Government is real and it is huge...Hidden in plain sight

One way of slowing down and hopefully defeating the NWO agenda is TERM LIMITS....If the politicians are not going to be around for long. Then there is less chance for them to be corrupted...It is not the cure all. But is a good tool to use. EXAMPLE: Paul Ryan is used by the shadow government and he does not even know it..His views of things are useful to the NWO. His trade views are exactly what the Globalists want. He just thinks he is right. Actually the Shadow Government has elevated him to 18 years in congress. He gets lots of shadow Government donations because of his trade views. He knows these views elevate him and is the red meat for his bakers. This is just a little example of how Satan works and corrupts good men.I hope this makes sense to you guys....Oh ,we all know who the war mongers are. And how they get used like stupid little idiots.

Democrats are lockstep loyalists to the globalists NWO. They oppose everything that does not further that agenda and they admit it.

Teaching the useful idiots on the right and the left the truth of the NWO agenda will change some of them. They are blinded by little matters like climate or other matters that the Globalist elite use as bait. The mind less are so engulfed with their own self importance to the issue that they can not see the big picture...It is the to close to the trees to see the forest. ..UNIONS are a small part of the bigger problem...But we must deal with the smaller problems while relating it to the bigger threat to our constitution. We can swing unions to our side with the right approach....That is a job for our leaders.When you see Trump get close to Unions. Just keep in mind he is totally against NWO.  He see`s them as the big problem they are....Allow yourself to step back and see the forest...We all here have our individual issues which we know about. We can do well to listen to all the main contributors here to learn more..Like I said the smaller issues are what the Elite Bilderbergers pay attention to to manipulate and use to nudge their agenda to the finish line. But the truth is , there is no finish line. Just don`t tell them that.

VISA wants to eliminate cash.
Everything being crammed down our throats supports that aim.
Open borders, health care, gun control forces people into the database.
When they control each individuals income, they control everything.
Much of what is going on is a distraction while they globalize cash the same way they globalized your food at Walmart. Buy American? Too Late.
BTW, first born children are smarter than their siblings. Another reason planned Parenthood plays a role in NWO.

Some views of the NWO elite`s

The recent predictable congressional fandango within the GOP House reminds of Russell Kirk who articulated the Principle of Prescription.

It asserts that humanity has acquired wisdom through the ages far surpassing group ideology and individual opinion.

This is summarized in Burke's adage that that while the individual is often a fool, the species is wise.

Of course our right wing congress critters never heard of this; instead choosing their version of the perfect over the good.


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