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The young Murdoch`s, I guess are liberal.The snob lifestyle will do that to you. Anyway, If they change fox ,that will be a bad decision on them. That will leave a conservative void that some smart person will invest and make a fortune. I would think that plans are in the works already.

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A little funny truth about the situation.

I always thought Megan Kelly looks like a porn star, er what I imagined one to maybe look like. I mean I do not recall seeing any before. Maybe I heard a few names like candy or Heather or something. Heck I don't know. There's probably a whole bunch of porn out there on the Internet. Probably have their own centralized hub of porn. I am just guessing. Look at the time. Gotta run.


Astute observation about the Murdoch siblings,obviously desperately in need of attention from Establishment assholery.

Ironically, the FOX culture is the heritage of Rupert who created the 'page 3' full frontal nude in Brisbane and Melbourne during the fifties; later importing it to London and then NYC.

The FOX fandango of seedy Males eternally on the prowl for easy tarts and Female hustlers keen to make a fast buck; deserve each other.

What these frauds collectively understand about Principled Conservatism; which at its core is an impulse of attitudes and behaviors; wouldn't fill a tenth of a thimble.

I do not know  of the Murdoch`s enough to make a good assumption of their values. But I would take a guess at what you say has a high chance of being so.As far as O`Reilly. He is the typical know it all douche bag that talks down his nose at people. Very un-likable. Probably has that self glamorized ladies man view of himself. There are many like him. It seems today`s  PC society has no tolerance of his type. As well as many other types. Alpha Males are under attack.....Bottom line is..Times are changing just like they have for ever...Scary thing is...Some in power understand this and use PSYOPS. to control which way the masses change. Playing God if you will. And our  Constitution is in their way.

Let me tell a story.

In 1963, at 22, I was drafted and sent to Viet-nam.

After 6 mos in the Bush they gave about 7 of us 5 days R&R in Darwin, Australia where we lived in the Pubs. One featured wall to wall posters of Murdoch's "Page 3"  full frontal models. It was a tourist attraction. Now he puts them on TV w/a tad more clothes.

On the mark about O'Reilly, who gives new meaning to the descriptive 'pretentious intellectual' and who fancies himself, a historian. Thucydides and Gibbon are undoubtedly hysterical w/laughter.

Ever since cave men. Males have done back flips to try and get some tail. Many reduce their hunting of it as they get older. But it is natural trait as far as I am concerned.Providing there is no rape , I say just move on. But when someone gets fired for not putting out, then action must be taken.The work place must not allow it. Check your horns at the door.

When you allow commercials to use sex to sell their wares. You really have no room with me to condemn others.


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