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My acknowledgements to all the Trump Supporter on this forum

I must begin to acknowledge to everyone on this forum who have been supporting Trump for being right in their views and standing firmly on those beliefs. Your dedication to your cause has paid off and you all are to be commended. I also acknowledge that I was wrong on every aspect of my predictions for this presidential race. In the end I did vote for Trump but honestly was not a vote of support, I truly believed he had no chance of winning so I was willing to give him my vote thinking it wouldn't matter.

I can say honestly I will hope and pray Trump has success as president with the policies he begins to implement. I truly believe he is sincere when he says he wants to be the president of all the American people and he wants to see everyone have an opportunity to have a better life. I am proud to be a part of this forum even though I did not provide the support you were all seeking. Forgive me for not being as wise and optimistic as many of you have been.

Kevin has every right to ban me from this forum but I hope he finds the satisfaction to allow me to stay. I enjoy the forum and obviously I have some learning to do. 

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A wise man, once he has discovered his teachers have misled him, seeks new teachers.

Been in that position more than once, good luck.

But now Tea Party has a problem. This wasn't merely a victory for Trump. This was a defeat of the left. 

Wasn't that our goal? What will Tea Party do now? Seems like two choices:

1. Just sit back and enjoy the pain of the liberals, as they argue and fight. Fun. 

2. Get involved in the dismantling process of Obama's agenda. Fun. 

Well the Tea Party exists now as nothing more than a memory and idea, the organisation is gone for any practical purposes. The idea remains healthy which is the wonderful and terrible trait of ideas, they do not just die.

What this former member of the TP will do is exactly as I always have, speak, act, and write the truth as I deem it to be. I am no nationalist it is a form of collectivism to be rejected as any other but I do love the proposition of America, it is distinct in all of history.

Right now I suggest to others to prepare themselves for what will come though I do not know what that may be, no one can see the future only likelihoods and possibilities. The End Times are not avoided by elections and we have not voted ourselves out of the mess, this is a partial reprieve of unknown duration nothing more.

Act on that.

I missed this thread when you first posted it Jack. It is nice to hear you see that Rump is ,meaningful in his plight to MAGA. Dust yourself off and jump on board....I am sorry I was ruff on you. But sometimes it is needed for me to make a point. I do not do Political Correctness well. Actually Jack I could not ban you for being wrong about things. We have all been wrong about things. I know you worry about the world powers exploding into a huge world war. I for one understand that this is a possibility. Maybe you can start a thread about the threats and rabbit holes we no doubt encounter during Trump`s aggressive leadership in the world...Trump will not be one to be pushed around. I believe in Peace through strength.There is much to do. The biggest thing we can do is help unify all Americans.We must stop the Global initiative Jack. I know you feel that many global causes are good. And so do I. But the elite power grubbing NWO use many causes as political fodder. We need to loosen the elite`s grip as the ones needed for to take care of things....The liberals need to realize that conservatives are not greedy people who only care about themselves.And we need to realize that there is much crony capitalism in play. Draining the swamp will be geared at cleaning that up........JUST DO NOT EVER THREATEN TO VOTE FOR HILLARY AGAIN...

this one

Yes I did wonder on to this post Kevin, by accident. I am embarrassed to admit that I weakened out and voted for Trump in the end, all to save peace at home. I was fooled like millions of others who thought Hillary had it in the bag so what can my one measly vote mean. Laziness and lack of courage will always get you in trouble. 

As to the future of America, we will just have to wait and see the actions Trump takes as he begins to implement his policies. Domestic policies I am not to concerned about, there are plenty of wealthy people around the world that will keep things in check until we get passed this administration's policy goals. Foreign policy actions is what concerns me. Russia and China have no interest in taking a back seat to any interests a Trump administration may have for America and from a technical standpoint there isn't a damn thing Trump can do about that circumstance. Except feed right into the belly of the beast and that is not going to be pleasant for America. Your NWO Kevin is that China and Russia have technical, economic and military superiority over the rest of the world. Now the question on the table is how do we change that balance before we our annihilated?

It is plain to see you have nothing to add to advance the Making of America Great Again Project . So have a nice life Jack. If you just hang out here to pester people,it will not be tolerated any more.You should take your half empty glass and move on. Get out of the way....

Kevin being a team player does not make the team great, it only improves the chances of success, that is if you start out with a solid foundation and goals. If Trump and his supporters have the right approach and solutions to making America great, there is nothing I can do to prevent that from happening. Since I may be opposed to his foreign policy actions why would I support those actions if think it is bad for America? I don't pester people, I offer my views and no one has to accept those views. 

Actually Kevin,

Jack has a point about military superiority. First Bill Clinton and somewhat G.W.Bush and definitely Obama has weakened and tried to make our military 2nd rate. Russian top of the line fighters still use vacuum tubes and such "Obsolete" gear. they do this because in doing so they are almost immune to any EMP. Russia and China have hardened electric power infrastructures that the US has not seen fit to require of the power companies. The worst thing about our military preparedness was all the line and general officers that Obama fired and replaced with sycophants who were not combat experienced. Even at this late date Obama has recalled all of our aircraft carriers leaving us basically defenseless.Even Hillary would not have pulled that stupid of a move. Trump has said he will deploy them immediately when he is inaugurated, lets hope it's not too late.   

Who ever was the A-hole that came up with the idea to have soldiers march in red high heels needs to be beaten....Trump will have real Men in charge of the military. That will be refreshing in itself.


my previous post being said, we do have things in the works and have had them for years of testing that goes way beyond the tech of China and I believe also beyond what Russia has at present. If you want to know what is declassified about our future weapons systems I cite these links. There are still things I was privy to that are not released yet but these links will give you a general idea of where we are at.







Those are just a few advancements. Sorry they are all from Allison Barrie of Fox News but that is the only way I can be sure that the information has actually been declassified instead of going through my DARPA sources.


Those are all technologies based on existing technology only with improvements. Russia and with the help of China have been working on technologies that don't exist and have no beginning. Everything you have shown is also known to the Russia and China, you overlook the fact that both countries have the technology to intrude on every security system we have. So nothing that America works on in the form of technology advancement is a surprise to either of these countries. It is like they are sitting in on all the strategy and development meetings and in our laboratories. Even if you have security clearance they know more than you do because they have no restrictions on information and you do.  


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