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My acknowledgements to all the Trump Supporter on this forum

I must begin to acknowledge to everyone on this forum who have been supporting Trump for being right in their views and standing firmly on those beliefs. Your dedication to your cause has paid off and you all are to be commended. I also acknowledge that I was wrong on every aspect of my predictions for this presidential race. In the end I did vote for Trump but honestly was not a vote of support, I truly believed he had no chance of winning so I was willing to give him my vote thinking it wouldn't matter.

I can say honestly I will hope and pray Trump has success as president with the policies he begins to implement. I truly believe he is sincere when he says he wants to be the president of all the American people and he wants to see everyone have an opportunity to have a better life. I am proud to be a part of this forum even though I did not provide the support you were all seeking. Forgive me for not being as wise and optimistic as many of you have been.

Kevin has every right to ban me from this forum but I hope he finds the satisfaction to allow me to stay. I enjoy the forum and obviously I have some learning to do. 

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There is no logical basis for the above and you only make yourself a laughing stock in the attempt. I wish you would not do so but if you insist name one person escaping the White House or other high office without falling victim.

Crank up the ionizing radiation high enough and it will absolutely appear, likewise every man has the point where power corrupts. The differences are relative the result always the same.
Some cannot even wield the power of being alive without corruption, when absolute power is involved it becomes the equivalent of ground zero, no survivors.

So ends this little diversion as better minds than ours have already established the laws of power and corruption, history confirms it.

Edwin Meese, Rahm Emanuel. I could list others for hours but what does that prove? You have your agenda so the discussion becomes irrelevant. 


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