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Remember When you said this..? A retrospective thread of wisdom

At 12:03pm on September 23, 2015, kevin kiernan said…
Hey Hank...Looks like the ning site finally caved from the stress of the main contributors.Sure hope they learned a lesson. I am not going to get involved here as to stay out of the way to see who is who. I hope those who over took the ning site do not ruin this one. Some think that their opinions out way others and they are the answer to all. That shows the selfishness I have always spoke of. I can only hope that the individuals can learn to humble themselves. But you know the devil in the mix, never rests.

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Your not really Kevin?
I am looking for my very first post to repost here.
It will be interesting to see how worried we were about the evil regime.

This is goijng right over my head....I no get...????

I am going to delete.
I was trying to create a retrospective vibe.
Our concerns now vs 2008 etc.

OH...That actually sounds interesting. Not sure how to make it happen , but I will follow your lead if you get it going.


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