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This Thread will be part B of Trumps Cleaning House Thread. Mr. Sessions is the right man to help with the SWMP DRAINING. Trump has made a great choice.

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Mr. Sessions first move in swamp draining was a good one.

KK, hope your right but I doubt it.

While Sessions is small in bearing he is even smaller in presence; a serious warning sign.

Leaders must have the trait of instilling fear in their adversaries, a lesson from history long forgotten in our present world of ass kissing weenies where the 'girls' rule.

For starters, Comey should be read the riot act while standing at attention in front of a sitting Sessions; as Von Bismarck did to the French Marshals in the Hall if Mirrors at Versailles in 1870.

Anyone think that will happen???

What the dems are doing is treason.
I hope Sessions is the silent but deadly type.
Becoming the AG for the planet is not a sign of weakness.
I do not think Trump will tolerate weakness.
Sessions likely won't bend the law much even when faced with treachery.

I do think he is  a silent but deadly type. Trump will feed him a plate of beans and send him in to get ur done.

Er...............I agree he's a deadly type.

If Sessions is not tuff enough. Trump will let him go ,and bring in the killer CRISPY CREAM...Christy  will play hardball .You can bet on that.

Trump may be saving to really obvious gangster mob connected Christie types for later.

KK, an observation.

Relatives of mine who have lived in Jersey since TR, consider Christie one of the worst Governors that has ever been inflicted on the State; w/an approval rating below Congress, if that's possible.

Suspect that his reputation will follow him wherever he goes

Christie actually did some good things in jersey..But that State belongs to the Dems. He got no cooperation.When Christie leaves.. Jersey will go down hill fast...I am no Christie fan at all. But he did ok job there. He saved them from going bankrupt. As soon as he leaves the unions will own it again....Trump will never be able to keep old Cream Puff under wraps. He is a loose cannon.He will not play a good second fiddle to Trump. To much ego there for sure.

I am reminded of what someone once said.
"We could do no worse just picking our politicons from the phone book."


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