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      This is a short, very accurate, to the point, and most important missive from our guest writer, Kathleen Dynan. We must have a free press, but we must have an honest, unbiased and truthful free press. Read and absorb her words then forward and/or publish anyway you wish......John Porter

The Media’s Public Suicide


On February 16th, President Donald Trump hastened the public suicide of the media. This un-elected, self-important, elitist machine is driving itself into oblivion. Since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, the media has evolved into a hate-filled, unwanted nuisance. Although they fancy themselves as the fourth branch of government, The United States Constitution defines only three branches of our Federal Government.

In Article I, all legislative powers are granted to the Congress. The importance of law in the United States of America is emphasized by the fact that it is the first of the three branches defined. To the great dismay of Liberals and Progressives, there are laws in America that forbid illegal immigration and the President must enforce them. Oh horror!

Article II gives the President of the United States the Executive power. The responsibilities of this position include: enforcing America’s laws; leading the Armed Forces as Commander-in-Chief; and preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. As an Executive, the President must set the course for the country and lead. It has been so long since the United States had a real leader and not a game-playing, self-enhancing elitist posing as a leader that this is a new experience for many. Elites are petrified that Americans will appreciate the difference and demand it in all future Presidents. O Joy!

In Article III, the judicial branch is charged to review all Cases under the microscope of their legality, how they do or do not conform to our Constitution and existing law. Contrary to the behavior of too many, Judges are not permitted to change laws and make decisions based on their personal views or the public’s wishes. Do your job!

Article III also defines Treason against the United States as “levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort”. Citizens and legal residents intending to harm us by their actions commit treason. Government personnel who leak confidential information and the media who publish this leaked information are weakening America and giving Aid and Comfort to our enemies. In their attempts to undermine and destroy our President, has this unwanted nuisance descended into Treason? You decide!

So, although President Trump’s ongoing decimation of the media is good entertainment,

the public is being cheated by the lack of an unbiased, honest, responsible, fact-based source of information about our many-faceted world. Perhaps after those current members of the media self-destruct due to their over-reaching, truth does not matter, America’s safety be damned, we know best about everything behaviors, responsible journalists will replace them. O please!


Kathleen Dynan, February 17, 2017

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no argument with what was said in this article, the question comes when each branch of our government question the legitimacy of their actions and the news begins to report on those differences of opinions. Whichever side of the an issue you are on that is the source of your judgement on right or wrong. It is the way society functions, in politics, business, personal life or personal religious beliefs. 

Regular citizens for the most part , do not realize how much controlling the narrative plays a roll in their lives. I feel that it is one of the most effective tools in controlling the masses with out force. The people who do not see it become sheeple. They get herded into useful groups by manipulating the narrative. Politicians know this. The political class now is threatened by the fact that the masses are seeing this. In fact the masses are engaging in controlling the narrative themselves in group form. It is a shame that people can not see how they are manipulated. But then again we know it is true because of history. One just needs to look at Germany to see this phenom. The left has lost it`s political punch and is now down to using their influence in the media to fight back. Also the embedded agents in the bureaucracies are being used to push back. The shadow government is real. But they are being beaten down in plain site. AND MOST PEOPLE DO NOT SEE IT BECAUSE THEY ARE SHALLOW (INSIDE THE BOX) THINKERS...


The reason for that is 4 to 5 generations of restrictive Propaganda masquerading as educations. If you had the capability to see what the 'special high end prep schools and elitist colleges used for curriculum, and be able to compare it to the average fare shoved down the regular kids throats, you would be appalled at the lack of actual facts, and outright twisting of information that the regular kids get. That is basically what has made such a mess of America combined with Political correctness and the other propaganda ploys the elites use to control and manipulate us..  

my observations are less than 15 percent of the public listens/watches or reads any real news stories. Those people who fit into that 15 percent group are already molded to a particular political ideology so there is little need to preach to this group. They follow a very predictable pattern. I have yet to see any political indoctrination in our primary education system. Like I said I have many grandchildren and lived in multiple states and have yet to find one example of any influence the teachers have on the political views of the students. Politics are rarely discussed and there is never a tie of policy attached to education.  

Why is this lying POS troll still on here giving us grief? He makes stuff up and whines when you call him out on his BS to get attention. Anyone else tired enough to formally complain?

Hank, he is here because I do not believe in censorship except porn&foul language on my site. He also gives us the ability to practice the art of debate and get our points across with more logic than his. I suggest you Vett everything he says and then contradict his points with points that are verified in other scholar accepted places.

He is just here as a troll to argue and offend and take time and attention away from real issues. There should be a policy against trolls practicing pure oppositional behavior for its own sake. His "facts" are erroneous nonsense pulled out of his a--.
He is also an atheist union apologist. He mischaracterized my words and is a bold liar like Obama, Clinton and others. He is probably out stealing Girl Scout cookies right now.

Make like he is not there....At least until you want to point out how you feel about him.But next time you do it. Really let it out.   Use him as your personal verbal punching bag....But keep it funny so we can all have a laugh.

Kevin, you are encouraging bad behavior which gets you no positive results. If you have a valid point make it and be willing to stand by your comments or be man enough to accept sometimes others may have a more credible argument.

Jack .You get it from most members here.Your false facts have been listened to by us so much. That it really gets little attention.You are the site bitch. So just wear it or leave.

Kevin I appreciate the honest people here.
I look forward to the day they can speak without trolls attacking them.
Thanks for encouraging the truth!

Kevin, my opinions are no different from yours or others when it comes to facts. Hank you have yet to point out one false statement I made. If you want to examine truth let's begin. Your criticism of me brings you no closer to the truth. 


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