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This nation, the United States of America, was established near the end of the 18th Century and was based on the premise that success was the result of the "protection of Divine Providence".  Today many people are either ignorant of the founding principles or desire to abolish liberty based on them.  Our founders wrote of their faith in Almighty God in the Declaration of Independence but some say that the founders were actually atheists who denied the existence of God.  I fail to understand how looking to "the protection of Divine Providence" is in any way atheistic.  God has blessed this nation greatly because it has historically been a "good and moral" nation that has sought God and His ways for us, a nation that James Winthrop called "a shining city on a hill".

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The first lady said the Lords Prayer to open up Trumps last rally in Florida. In 2 days Trump has another rally in Nashville. I hope to first lady has another opening prayer. That to me is very important and will show that we are going forward with the Lord in our hearts and minds. 

Kevin, I agree.  I wrote about that a few days after it happened.  I may have neglected to post it here but here is the link to the article:  http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2017/03/melania-trump-says-the...

A demurral, sadly our culture is indifferent if not openly hostile to any religious impulse in our leaders; as a benchmark of their behavior.

But if Thomas Jefferson, John Randolph or James Madison become available; they would do just fine.

some of the culture, those led by satan are hostile but there are many of us who long for true leaders, ones who will honor God and their oath of office.  There are those who want to see more of the satanic control but they are not the majprity and the prayers of the majority will overcome the ones seeking satan!!!!!


My comment was unintended as confrontational, rather it was an observation based on an opinion which is direct and simple: Politics and religion do NOT mix and for a very simple reason.

Politics derives from a this worldly focus concerned w/material betterment for the now.

Religion derives from an other worldly focus concerned w/spiritual betterment for the hereafter.

Our founders had a VERY different perspective as you would know if you would stop your satanic propaganda and read up on them.

Repeating, although it's clearly pointless, my post was simply a non-confrontational opinion.

Your abusive retort about "satanic propaganda" speaks volumes about the very dark place you inhabit.

Suspect that what you think you know about the religious impulse of our Founders wouldn't fill the south east quadrant of a postage stamp.

So please inform us poor uninformed which of our Founders were Deists, which were Agnostics, which were Episcopalians, which were Atheists; and so on???


Islam is mute testament to the unmitigated disaster of intertwining political activity, a secular  impulse w/religion, a spiritual impulse.

Which reminds me; wonder who said:

"Render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and to God that which belongs to God".

TVC. I can disagree with you over that. Religion and politics do mix. In fact I believe firmly that our country is rooted in our Christian Heritage. That is very provable. I truly do not want to argue about it though. But if anyone were to ask, and was truly interested in the topic. I would take the time to give a lesson

If someone asked me how I know America was founded on and is a Christian Nation, I would start with this.

Fair enough, as we have a difference of both opinion and perspective.

For me, religion is personal and private. When it's not, it becomes a self-inflicted problem, as history attests. An example.

By the dawn of the 18th century the RC Church in France had became more and more intertwined w/the Monarchy, effectively the State. As such, it became less and less the voice of the peasantry; the 99% who truly mattered.

As a consequence, when the Revolution exploded, the rage of the impoverished masses was ferocious, resulting in the virtual annihilation of the Church Hierarchy as well as the destruction of many Convents, Seminaries and Schools; which resulted in a long residue of animus that persists to this day in France. Sadly this lesson had to be re-learned by a number of European nations.

The Lord was wisest when he advised we render unto Caesar what is his and to the Almighty what is his; and leave it at that.

the catholic church has been a problem for a long time.  I was raised catholic and left as soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions, when I enlisted in the Army.  The Spanish Inquisition was the catholic church being itself, a group ala islam, demanding everyone bow to their dogma.  That is much different than looking to God through Jesus Christ for guidance, as I want to see our leaders do.  If they will govern according to the Constitution and the Holy Bible, which go hand in hand, we won't see the France situation you mentioned because the catholic church in France was also corrupt, not Godly at all.  We can render unto Caesar and God in politics if people will follow the Word as written, something dogmatic tyrants don't do.  Our founders were very open in their faith and incorporated it into the Constitution.  The problem we have today is politicians making a career of ruling rather than governing and returning to private life as our founders did.  George Washington spent 8 years in office and returned to being a farmer.  He didn't leave office and become a lobbyist paying bribes to his successors!!!!!  I agree with your premise of things that have happened in the past but they weren't the result of Christians following God, but as a result of power hungry corrupt people violating every concept of the Word of God for their own benefit.  It can work if done the right way but the self-serving paganism of the demonkrat party isn't the way either.

All are entitled to their opinions, however daft.

As well, all are entitled to their attitudes, however misguided.

And all are entitled to their behaviors, however asinine.

It's the consequence of free will.

But this hardly absolves the holders of their views, from scrutiny and criticism.

Yet that is precisely what they insist upon; a free and unassailable ride 'cuz they're right'; the age old mantra of the intolerant, who are predictably way beyond ignorant.


Greece and Rome founded Western Civilization; whose creations, discoveries and inventions remain both unrivaled and unsurpassed to this very moment in time. 

W/the Fall of Rome in the 5th century, the Catholic Church nurtured that heritage in it's Universities, allowing it to expand and flourish into the High Renaissance which reinvigorated Europe and laid the foundation for the modern nation-state.

Neither the Greece and Rome of Antiquity nor the Church of Rome have an solitary iota to apologize for. They are the existential reason we exists today!!!!!


Hmm..........which Army did you enlist in??????????


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