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Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Ah yes. Hangin out at the local watering hole. I think what Pody has in mind is a thread that is not as seriously dedicated to any one topic. ...And if I know Pody. A thread that can be fun ,as well as informative. I think I will crack a beer and participate.....I would like to explain may madness. I had the highest I.Q. in my High School graduating class but failed some subjects and spent some summers in summer school. In fact if it were not for being so good at sports I would have quit. Raised in a basically poor family till at 14 my parents got in the Food service industry and ground out an excellent living. I worked for them as a Dish washer and grill boy. I worked at 12 on a farm picking veggies right next to migrant workers. I married my high school sweat heart at 21. We moved into our apartment that was furnished with brand new furniture that was all bought and payed for. Me and my wife worked towards our goal of marriage.The marriage went downhill  and we got the big D after 4 years I got remarried to a younger girl and had 2 kids .Boy and girl....My wife was a gold digger. After a divorce in 1990, I swore I would never get married again. Now in 2017 I can say I kept my word to myself. I have had many girl friends over the last 27 years, but managed to avoid getting hitched. Had a couple close calls. There are some good women for sure .But I just do not want to get tied down....I tell you guys this because I trust that you can relate to some of my experience.To understand that I am just a normal idiot that makes mistakes is my aim...We all bleed red blood. And we all have feelings. Never be afraid to let your friends know who you really are. Living truthfully with your friends is very comforting....We all have flaws..It is ok to be wrong.Just do your best to be honest with yourself and those you care about.

Nice opening post to the Watering Whole Kevin.

Had plans last night to listen to "Weekly BattleCry with Mark Meckler" but instead I enjoyed a good whiskey buzz with my oldest son. We laughed and giggled about the world, ourselves and so forth. Made plans for some fishing trips. Watched the clouds float by, sun set and the stars come out. A very good evening, yes indeed.

Pody, You strike me as someone who takes life as it comes. And with a grain of salt. Simplicity in life is a goal of my own. The reason I do what I do here ,is in the hopes to have the shot at living a simple life for my Grand Children...We live in such a rat race anymore. Sometimes sitting back and laughing at the human race is very amusing ...OK...STORY TIME .When I was young, I took a bar straw , and worked it up a frogs ass and blew him up. I threw him back in the pond and he floated. Every time he tried like hell to go under water ,he would just bob back to the surface. He could only get a couple inches under. It was so funny...Then all of a sudden the frog farted all the air out and he trolled about 16 inches across the top of the water. It was amazingly funny.... So now you know I had to do it again...I grabed that sucker and jammed the straw in again. Blew a good breath in again. When I brought my lips off the straw ,that bastard farted , and blew shit through the straw and into my mouth. ...My buddy was laughing so hard at me .I think he peed a little....You could say that I was a mean kid. But I love animals big time....I think the thing I learned that day was...If your going to blow a frog. expect to get a little shot in your mouth....TRUE STORY....TRY IT SOMETIME...Actually ,I hope you can just take my word for it. I still have night mares about frogs. Poor bastard must have been under huge pain.

Most moments of crisis, are just moments and not a crisis.

I will take your word n the frog and call it good. LOL

Most kids today do not know how to catch a frog....Snake ...fish ...or any small animal....The parents need a beating for failing there children.

Maegan Kelly is not liked anywhere


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