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I hear and see so many people referring to islam as "radical" or "moderate" but that is a fallacy spread by fools who apologize and make excuses for a murderous cult dedicated to satan, and those cowards who hide behind political correctness so they don't "offend" the perpetually offended satanists. The "moderate" moslems are those who silently support the murder of "infidels" but are not yet actively committing murder.  They quietly accept the premise of islam to remain under the radar for now but do not denounce murder as a means to spread their satanic doctrine.   Salman Rushdie, a moslem, wrote a book about the Koran.  he called the book "The Satanic Verses" and now lives under a threat of death for his impertinence to tell the truth about satan's commands to his minions to kill everyone who does not bow to him.  People who fail to see or refuse to acknowledge the evil of islam will fall victim to its satanic purpose eventually.  If they think pandering will save them they are in for a rude awakening because islamists cannot even get along with each other.  when the minions of satan are not killing Jews or Christians they are killing each other.  There are two sects of the satanic cult, sunni and shiite,  and they hate each other as much as they hate "infidels".  A comparison would be seeing Southern Baptists and traditional Baptists killing each other but we don't see Christians killing each other over trivial bullshiite do we?  Satan is the father of lies and evil, and those who worship him feel the need to hate and kill anyone they consider to be different in any manner .



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Bob you are right. The radical Islam myth is a product of political correctness. Trying to be nice. I like nice people so I will not beat them up. But because they are nice I will take the time to teach them. I am sure you see my point on this. Honey is a good source for promoting inclusiveness. I am blessed to be able to see the truth of this situation as you do. Count your blessings and consider that you have been chosen to preach the truth.Thank you for caring enough to get involved....PS You obviously see that the devil is a crafty son of a bitch.

.kevin, thank you for the kind words.  I am not trying to beat anyone up but being too nice can be dangerous.  I merely point out the obvious and much of poilitical correctness comes from being afraid of "offending" someone but I don't mind offending anyone with the truth.  I count my blessings every day because the stroke I had hurt me physically but not mentally.  my personality and my God given ability to communicate through writing were not affected by a stroke that very nearly killed me and left me seriously physically limited.  God has a mission for me so He left me with the abilities I need to accomplish the mission and I am honored to be useful for His cause and that of liberty.  it is always a joy to find others who understand what reality is.and yes, satan is crafty but Jesus is better and will not be defeated in the war we face.   God Bless You.

Bob, The mere fact that you deal with your disability with such grace is beyond words. You have a gift to share , and you are an asset to humanity.I would ask of you to never stop,. And as I am sure you know that God will always be there when you need him the most. You no doubt are worthy of doing some of our lords lifting.

There is an old saying that goes " when life gives you lemons, make lemonade".  I am not one for self-pity, never have been and God has blessed me greatly.  the only way to show the blessings is to make the most of them and I am doing my best to live up to the confidence God has shown in me.  God has always been ready when I call and I will never give up nor quit on Him.  I serve as He gives me calling and pray He is always pleased with my efforts.  so far it seems He has been because He has allowed me to continue.

I am going to drop off some videos on this thread as to show the caliphate that is under way....

Thank you.  Glen Beck will cover the truth that others don't want known or are too cowardly to cover.


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