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I hear and see so many people referring to islam as "radical" or "moderate" but that is a fallacy spread by fools who apologize and make excuses for a murderous cult dedicated to satan, and those cowards who hide behind political correctness so they don't "offend" the perpetually offended satanists. The "moderate" moslems are those who silently support the murder of "infidels" but are not yet actively committing murder.  They quietly accept the premise of islam to remain under the radar for now but do not denounce murder as a means to spread their satanic doctrine.   Salman Rushdie, a moslem, wrote a book about the Koran.  he called the book "The Satanic Verses" and now lives under a threat of death for his impertinence to tell the truth about satan's commands to his minions to kill everyone who does not bow to him.  People who fail to see or refuse to acknowledge the evil of islam will fall victim to its satanic purpose eventually.  If they think pandering will save them they are in for a rude awakening because islamists cannot even get along with each other.  when the minions of satan are not killing Jews or Christians they are killing each other.  There are two sects of the satanic cult, sunni and shiite,  and they hate each other as much as they hate "infidels".  A comparison would be seeing Southern Baptists and traditional Baptists killing each other but we don't see Christians killing each other over trivial bullshiite do we?  Satan is the father of lies and evil, and those who worship him feel the need to hate and kill anyone they consider to be different in any manner .



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The truth will come out now that Obam a is gone...

You gotta see this video...

It was very good. The man is what is known in the military as a Spook [CIA of other intel]


The men and women we used to call spooks were usually part of Combined Area Studies (MACV/CAS) and usually held the equivalent rank of Major/GS13, but could on occasion tell an O-I or II what was going to happen. It was their duty to gather intel and any 'special' gear for the (MACV/SOG) and they were definitely one of the following CIA,ONI,G2,AFISRA. The Active Military were Studies and Observations Groups (SOG) that took direct military action against the enemy.. If the Marine was a spook he would be attached to ONI probably out of the Kennedy Irregular warfare center and under control of NOIC and coordinated through FTAC. But I am sure you are as aware of that as I am.



They are now mostly contractors - the embassies are filled with them? I know some and they are private spooks [CIA - Seal Team, etc]

Here is a Navy Seal who understands the truth of it.

Earlier this evening, afternoon really, I was going through all of the comments on this discussion and see that I have been a bit harsh and confrontational to some of you over comments you made that I read as stand alone comments at the time they were posted and after reading them as a whole I realize that I owe some apologies.  I have some issues with some of the posts but in context with other comments a person posted I now realize that I sometimes jumped to incorrect conclusions and to those affected I say I am truly sorry and ask your forgiveness.  I still see the republican party as an enemy of small government and liberty but I also realize that sometimes voting for the lesser of two evils is a necessity, as unpleasant and aggravating as it is.  To those of you that pointed out stopping hitlery was a prime goal I agree and to any of you who I jumped on without just cause please accept my sincere apology.  I sometimes let my aggravation at political traitors overflow onto people who are in agreement with me on the major points but simply have a different perspective.  I don't mean to be harsh or combative and I will try to read more thoroughly in the future when responding to comments from you.  Without going back through each comment I know that Mangus is owed an apology for at least one response I made to him.  I believe Virginia also is due an apology.  If there are more I haven't listed please accept my blanket apology as it is late and I am too tired to go back through each comment.  I havelikely  been unfair to others and want to assure you that I am sorry.  I appreciate all of you reading my articles and commenting.  As I stated before, from here on I will be more diligent in perusing comments so I don't hit anyone below the belt again, and I truly hope I am more cognitive in the future.  God bless all of you patriots, God bless President Trump, and God bless America!!!!!

Bob we were going have you put down because your posts are too long. I guess that might seem a bit harsh from your perspective but the decision has been made.

You forgot the LOL at the end Hank

By posts do you mean my articles or my comments?  Either way, though, having me put down doesn't seem like much fun for me but I won't know until I experience it will I?  .  LOL


I am a debater and as such never lose my cool - no one can anger me as I know that my research is well founded. So, relax and enjoy the discussions.


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