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I hear and see so many people referring to islam as "radical" or "moderate" but that is a fallacy spread by fools who apologize and make excuses for a murderous cult dedicated to satan, and those cowards who hide behind political correctness so they don't "offend" the perpetually offended satanists. The "moderate" moslems are those who silently support the murder of "infidels" but are not yet actively committing murder.  They quietly accept the premise of islam to remain under the radar for now but do not denounce murder as a means to spread their satanic doctrine.   Salman Rushdie, a moslem, wrote a book about the Koran.  he called the book "The Satanic Verses" and now lives under a threat of death for his impertinence to tell the truth about satan's commands to his minions to kill everyone who does not bow to him.  People who fail to see or refuse to acknowledge the evil of islam will fall victim to its satanic purpose eventually.  If they think pandering will save them they are in for a rude awakening because islamists cannot even get along with each other.  when the minions of satan are not killing Jews or Christians they are killing each other.  There are two sects of the satanic cult, sunni and shiite,  and they hate each other as much as they hate "infidels".  A comparison would be seeing Southern Baptists and traditional Baptists killing each other but we don't see Christians killing each other over trivial bullshiite do we?  Satan is the father of lies and evil, and those who worship him feel the need to hate and kill anyone they consider to be different in any manner .



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Tragic man

Rhodes, I understand.  My left arm is still paralyzed from the stroke so I have to type with only my right hand, and I am naturally left handed.  I hope you recover quickly and are able to get back to normal, without a brace.  God bless you, buddy!!!!!

I have some blind freind that use voice programs that they do well with.

Notice the play use her left hand to pick butt - must be a Muslim?

I heard they don't use TP.

In the days of old, and Muslims were bold..... and TP was not invented...They laid their load beside the road and walked away contented.

I find it ludicrous that Islamics are forbidden to eat pork when Pigs were first domesticated in the middle East about 8000 yrs ago. The arabs must have been the ones that got the rest of the world eating pork on a regular basis.

see; http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/horse/domesticating-horses/domestic...  

EVERYTHING about idlam is ludicrous.  They kill homosexuals yet say they are permitted to engage in anal intercourse for the purpose of expanding their anal cavities to hold more explosives.  The hypocrisy in islam is so blatant that only a complete moron can't see it.  They rant about how peaceful they are yet constantly call for the murder of anyone they see as not as crazy as they are.  To moslems anyone with the guns has the right to kill anyone without guns, regardless if they are "infidels" or other Satanists.  Recently a 9 year old girl was murdered because she stepped out onto the front proch of her house without a male family member with her and was killed by the "protocol police", moslem women who kill because the satanic cult they belong to teaches them they are allowed to murder even children for minor infractions of the "code of behavior", a code that changes according to whoever is applying it.  Moslems are minions of satan destined for an eternity with satan/allah in the Lake of Fire!!!!!

That was Moses who said God forbids the eating of Pork. He said this to his followers when crossing the desert. Many think that he saved his people from eating the spoiled Pork while crossing the desert. ..They were starving and some could not resist,and they got very sick and many died. Thus became Gods law.. Many say it was God through Moses saving his chosen People...I am not sure why Muslims practice it....Moses was a Jew for sure. I am under the impression that the Islamic belief leans a lot on early Biblical teachings.


The kosher laws concerning pork were and are also concerned with trichinosis. That is a parasite that infects pork especially. It invades any mammal muscle tissue and weakens the muscles tremendously. The Muslims observe it because muhammad originally constructed Islam from a combination of the three biggest religions of his time frame Judaism, Christianity,and Buddhism. He did this because they were ignoring his people and the religions rejected his ideas for a sect within their established religions with him in a position of importance leading that sect. He wanted to be something like the Jesuits in Catholicism, or the Essenes In Judaism, but more important, like Buddha is to the Buddhists.

Sounds good to me. I am not a student of the religions but I learn a little here and there. I just love my Savior Jesus and our Holy Father.

The Bible addressed mold and a lot of other health issues.
Some may see them as strictly religious tenants but either way, the teachings keep man alive until His return IMO.


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