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Crooked politicians must be held accountable for the crimes they have done. Trump is the only one who will do it. To elect a POTUS who will not prioritize fixing our criminal political system will not be good enough for me.We will not get another one like Trump ,who will bitch slap the evil out of Washington politics..No one can deny that Trump is crazy enough to do it. But he needs us to want it fixed. He can not stand alone..This is that time in history. The time that many have hoped. Turn your back on this opportunity,and we are done. THAT IS THE TRUTH OF IT.

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Not one politician will bring Obama up on charges. Trump is the one who will. It must be done. The crimes he and his administration have done against our Constitution mus be accounted for.He will do it. You know damn well he will...These crimes can not go un punished.

Why stop at Obama ? The situation is most of the politicians , on both sides, can be held accountable for violations to the COTUS. Not a big Trump fan, but like him more than most,,,

I hope that if he is elected, he will at a minimum shake the political world to its knees. 

I agree but I think we will have to see if he does bring Obama and Hillary up because truthfully they both need to be equally brought up on something I prefer treason but what do I know

Excellent Thanks for sharing...

Establishment Republicans bet big on stopping Trump, but they may live to regret it

If the establishment pulls of this theft. Our country will done for sure.

The out sider pretenders. Who R they now?
What Is the ‘Establishment’ Now?

In modern politics, running against this shadowy group is the quickest way to join it.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/01/what-is-the-establis...
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Little miss shit don't stink , megan kelly resident left lib. @ fox news spent her entire hour last night convicting Trump of being responsible for his campaign manager touching someone.Tuned in four times , same subject!

Reporter explains how Fields violated Secret Services protocol


Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Writer

image: http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/files/2016/03/lewandowski-fields.jpg
lewandowski-fieldsI have had extensive experience covering presidential candidates for WND.com — I rode for three weeks as traveling press on GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign airplane in 2012, right up through election day. The Secret Service is very direct that no reporter is to close ground or touch a presidential candidate. The press is always cordoned in a separate area from the candidate in public settings, with access controlled and limited by the Secret Service in press availabilities.

The reports coming out — and the video is clear — that Fields closed ground and touched — a total “NO,NO.” She also appeared to have something in her right hand — that is a huge “NO,NO” — she could have been holding a knife or even a sharp ball point pen that could have been used

Read more at http://www.michaelsavage.wnd.com/2016/03/569274/#rbWdGu4o1gf4p8Fs.99

The Republican Party is circling the drain, as an absolutely trivial incident is being blown up to crisis proportions, and the existing party fracture into pro- and anti-Trump factions delivers an image of hapless and out-of-control viciousness to to the swing voters that determine the outcome of presidential elections.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/03/corey_lewandowski_miche...
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Here is my thought for today...Ted Cruz will be dropping out of race soon. It seems that he defrauded the people of Texas by not reporting that he was a Canadian citizen when running  for the Senate. Pretty sure that is going to be big trouble . The lawyers are working on what seems to be a NO-NO. While we have been paying attention to other issues. The behind the scenes legal work has been moving forward...I would expect to hear something about this soon....PS..When this gets in the news. I wonder how poor Meagan will take it...


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