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Crooked politicians must be held accountable for the crimes they have done. Trump is the only one who will do it. To elect a POTUS who will not prioritize fixing our criminal political system will not be good enough for me.We will not get another one like Trump ,who will bitch slap the evil out of Washington politics..No one can deny that Trump is crazy enough to do it. But he needs us to want it fixed. He can not stand alone..This is that time in history. The time that many have hoped. Turn your back on this opportunity,and we are done. THAT IS THE TRUTH OF IT.

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You are a good arm chair Quarterback.....Reince is certainly no loser. He just does not have the great skills to be a Chief of Staff. Hell Trump did not exactly know what he needed at the time. Now he has learned the job well himself.His changes make sense to anyone who thinks about it. But some are just wanting to sound smart by throwing insults. There has not been any POTUS in our life time that is willing to take on every bit of evilness in Washington.Some people can not see what a very good POTUS he is....W/sincere respect Maybe you should pick up your pom poms and start showing support rather than working for the anti Trump movement.You may say I am wrong for showing such support. Well I hope you can live with me being that because I will not stop. GO TRUMP GO..PS....Reince also is too beholding to the establishment swamp creatures. He is in a tuff position and he knows that. Plus Kelly is definatly more suited for that position. Trump just needed time to figure it all out...and he has..Reince fit the bill for the time being , and Trump used him for that. And that was a good fit for that.

Let me also say that some of the swamp creatures ,started out with good intentions. But when they got to DC they caught the Potomac Flu..I think that some of the younger ones who are not fully developed RINO`s might be able to shake off the scum and be spared .I do not know, But I feel Trump is hoping that some can be fixed. It is human nature for one to serve themselves. But there is a line that is easily crossed because of the devils tools of greed and selfishness. That is where God needs to be smack in the middle of all things. If you notice, everyone who is close to Trump is amazed by him. We only see the outer layer....TVC. I pray for you to see him in a different light. I hope you can

I see Trump for who he is; not for who I wish he were.

A wise Roman asked,"Is it better the Prince be loved or feared?"

What does Trump want? The answer is obvious given his behavior.

If and when Trump ever grasps this, he will cease his brainless tweets and begin draining the political swamp. 

Well, your theories are beyond my way of thinking. I just hope you allow for adjusting as time goes forward. I have confidence you will pull the right lever in 2020..Too early to get on that. 2018 is very important.

KK, Theories?????

The core reason we have our asses embedded in our rectums is because we have forgotten/ignored the wisdom of the the giants of the past which allows us to see as far as we do, only because we can stand on their massive shoulders.

Suspect that the likes of Adams, Jefferson, Madison and the rest of our Fathers have been laughing hysterically for a very long time at the collective assholery we label 'leaders'.

I have often thought (dreamed) of living in the past. That is because I cherish history and the simplicity of how things were.Things were hard but intelligence mixed with brawn made life easier.Ah yes, dreams of yesteryear  can be pleasant. Too bad we can not make dreams a reality.


Since you cherish history you obviously know that the word derives from the Latin 'historia'; an objective account of the past, grounded in reality. 

In contrast, dreams are fantasies self created from the world of the unreal.

Now consider this if you will:

Organized culture/society, in contrast to previous tribal groupings, commenced some 5000 years ago from the Akkadians in the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia. 

Land was the source of subsistence and well being; a condition that existed throughout the world till the mid 1700's; which is some 4750 years or 96% of the time to the present day.

During that time frame, the greatest minds ever created by the Almighty reflected, leaving an unsurpassed legacy of wisdom and achievement. I'll mention but a few, as the list would take from now till Christmas of next year to complete; Aristotle, Mozart, Newton and Shakespeare. 

Around 1750, some 250 years ago or 4% of the time to the present, two events were spawned that altered culture/society and in my judgement obviously for the worse; viz; the French Enlightenment and Capitalism.

The former was a self destructive secular heresy that undermined the attitudes, behaviors, customs and mores of culture and society; being viscerally hostile to both tradition and religion.

The latter replaced Land as the source of well being; thereby elevating materialism as the foundation of mankind's happiness.

Sure, we certainly have more stuff that the Ancients had and so what???

Rod Dreher, a Catholic and Conservative author has raised this core issue in his recent' "Benedict's Option".

Since the intellectual achievements of we moderns are an total embarrassment when compared to our forebears, exactly why are we the greatest?????

Well my take on dreams is different I believe

two eras dawned changing the world dramatically and hardly for the better.

An uncharacteristically short submission or an addendum?
: )

Trump does not talk behind anyone`s back...With Trump you get what you see..

Trump is preparing for war. Putting John Kelly in as Chief of Staff points in that direction. While everyone is looking at the mooch and the press talking BS. Mooch is the shinny object for now. Mattis is setting his troops right and ready for major war..No transgenders needed. No more sensitivity training for troops. No more playing political correct games that only weaken our troops resolve. Trump and his Generals are getting things straightened out ,without the interference of the media.


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