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Crooked politicians must be held accountable for the crimes they have done. Trump is the only one who will do it. To elect a POTUS who will not prioritize fixing our criminal political system will not be good enough for me.We will not get another one like Trump ,who will bitch slap the evil out of Washington politics..No one can deny that Trump is crazy enough to do it. But he needs us to want it fixed. He can not stand alone..This is that time in history. The time that many have hoped. Turn your back on this opportunity,and we are done. THAT IS THE TRUTH OF IT.

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I understand that Thomas. It does not change the fact that Iran is now poised to become a nuclear power because of that Democratic Wimp Carter and the subsequent a holes right up to Obama. Trump has started to put the brakes on the terrorist sponsors and will continue until his political enemies take him down. Then America will pay the price for it's past liberalism.

How will Trump handle this ?.. Iran now burning American flags in a government exercise ....Iran attacks Israel last night with rockets shot from Syria.https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/10/israel-fires-barrage-mi...

Iran, courtesy of it's Mullahs, is a bloviating windbag w/the military power of

Upper Volta, to be giggled at and emphatically never feared.

In recent decades, it engaged in military conflict w/Iraq and systematically

got its ass handed to it.

By the way, Saddam Hussein never reminded anyone of Cyrus the Great.

As a coalition of Sunni Arab Gulf States led by Israel (w/our technology) is

now  forming; suggest Tehran commence a serious effort to beef up the

City's fire departments.


From what I can see. Israel just bitch slapped  the Iranian militia that was in Syria...They are so stupid to attack Israel like they did. What the frig were they thinking. If they start up their nuclear program . their country will became one big hunk of Glass.They have no chance at winning anything... IN THE WORDS OF ONE GOOD AMERICAN FROM HOLLYWOOD ...."GO AHEAD - MAKE OUR DAY"

I sincerely hope he drops the entire might of the American Military response on all of their nuclear sites and conventional missile sites.

How America Passed a Law to Ban Islam and why it was not considered Unconstitutional via the 1st Amendment.

America should never pass any law banning any religion for any reason. That is exactly the sort of dogma that has placed one group against another for thousands of years and all that has come from it is to keep a good supply of corpses stacked up for the grave diggers.

Look at this forum and many others. We are here to exchange opinion and ideas and we hope improve our own perspective in the world along the way to converting others to our own way of looking at the world. Nothing wrong with that.

Look at every nation or nationalistic movement over the last 250 years that has tried to limit religious beliefs. The National Socialistic Movement of Deutschland first silenced and the tried to eradicate the Jewish Faith. Today we refer to them as the NAZI Party. The Irish have murdered and butchered one another for decades over what version of the New Testament to follow. Here in the US the Normans were prosecuted and even became violent in fear or being exterminated by religious zealots.

Practice your faith in peace, absolutely!

But if you decide to use your faith to place a thumb on the scales to prosecute others for their faith or lack of it than your placing yourself in the same league as the National Socialist. 


Did you even look at the video? I doubt it because it goes on to show that Islam is not a "Religion" in the sense that the Constitution or even other Religions consider what makes a Religion.. I guess you could call Islam a Gestalt organism.
Islam is a gestalt organism because it's basic nature is a configuration,pattern,and organized field having those specific properties that by it's own unimpeachable edicts and dogmas that can not be derived individually from the summation of it's component parts. In short, Islam is a unified whole and will not compromise to live and let live, nor will it tolerate other Religions.
Islam is a combined Political Movement,Military Movement, a Legal Movement all wrapped in one.you also speak of the NAZI's, did you know that Islam was a willing ally of Hitler and the axis because the goals were the same as the axis goals. Please look at the video and you will see why it is not now and never will be compatible with our Constitutional Law and will always work to overthrow the Constitution. That is it's nature and the religion part of it approves and demands all Muslims do those things. It's closer to Jim Jones style of cult than any other religion.

Besides America already has enacted such a law


First off sorry for the very late response to your post.

M, you, nor I nor anyone has the right or authority to decide what is and is not a religion. So your total stance is wrong and flies in the face of all but those that side with you in sharing that opinion.

All forms of religion are a belief. Perhaps that is why their are 55,000 variations of Christianity (and counting). Simply because most Christians do not agree in lock step fashion and rightfully so. So their are over 55K variations of Christianity all based on an equal number of beliefs.

As for the Muslims siding with the National Socialist during WWII your correct, they did. But there were also a few Christian Beliefs that also sided with the NAZI's in support of their important work in punishing those responsible for murdering Jesus, One of them is called the Catholic Church,  that belief system only discontinued the practice about 1920 of rounding up Jews on Easter, beating them, humiliating them and then tying several of them backwards on an ass and leading them around the Vatican three times as the faithful hurled rotten food and an occasional stone at them.

And your opinion on the Islamic faith is your right, but you are wrong. Your not going to win any points or gain any ground being as wrong as the other side.   Besides there are lots, more than enough factual reasons to questions the actions and justifications of the other side.


John, the reason we are here is to save our constitutional republic....Not to learn to be open minded and be excepting of other ways and laws of living. We do not want to change others from living how they want .or by the laws they want to live by...If they want to except our way then they can come here and change if they want. But they need to check their ways at the gate.


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Oren Long has asked me if I could transfer his PDF to the site.I'll try


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