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Well and truly wish Trump succeeds, yet my doubts are increasing as his infantile tweets accelerate.

Solon, Accius, Cicero, Machiavelli, among the wise; understood that leaders may be hated; yet they must instill fear in their adversaries; a reality non-existent among our political types, whose focus is on kissing the maximum quantity of ass to stay in the media limelight.

Trump's mortal enemy is the msm, the surrogate of the Establishment, both D and R.

Does it hate him? Emphatically!

Does it fear him? Emphatically not!!!

When that dynamic changes, Trump's agenda will move forward, most notably among the R congressional scumbags.

Otherwise it will not and he will disappear in 2020!!!

See attached

And Kid Rock Vice President

thanks for puddin that

From Voted Perot (last heard from on Stop This Insanity) Says he hasn't found how to access this site so here goes with his discussion. Sent to Pres. Trump) on April 24, 2017

VP is sometimes hard to follow, but he has some serious thoughts about things. And he actually sent this to  info@donaldtrump.com

"Mr. President
  I am no Foreign policy genius and probably wouldn't want to be, but I am not afraid to sound off on matters that I have no qualifications for. Having said that, I think if you wanted to make gains with the people in central Europe and perhaps even bolster the Reps of rising leadership in those regions, this Could be a component in strategies in the region.
 VW and others built remarkable diesel engines that got incredible mileage and for the most part polluted less than any engine in common use prior to the mid 90s' The cheating scandal put the engine into high efficiency mode, the conditions that would exist if the engine was loaded to a speed range probably between 55 and 70 miles per hour, Cruising, level  terrain.
 All engines have vast increases of wasted heat and combustion by products on power demand as the terrain changes. Up hill, Accelerations, Weight, trailering Etc. I think that the power setting the engines  (full authority digital control) FADEC modules were merely mimicking the loading, the Engine in the car would have at cruise and low power demands where all cars do most of their work.
 Here is the kicker, The EPA standards were almost impossible to meet but the engineers and the chemists achieved it. not just little diesels but all cars.  what the German people and others in the region will see is that our little GM/Chevrolet "Cruz" economy cars did the same thing from somebody's perspective. Cheated, auto manufactures in other countries probably see this as hypocrisy and a shakedown, a whopper of one.
  If you said we Forgive the remainder of the fines, if you said I want free and fair and this was unjust. and followed through on it. It could be a real trust and confidence builder and wherever the coerced donations to the political entities might go, might set an example for those who would cause us harm politically.
  Mr. Tillerson or a Marine chemist would be able to back me up on this and Ford engineers would demo the more miles per gallon = less pollution over time and distance, I want the Germans to like us.
  You're doing great! Mr. President it was an honor supporting you handicapping the EPA is good news.

Virginia, my point was direct and simple.
I voted for Trump and emphatically want him to succeed yet I am fearful that he will fail because he does not understand that he is facing the massed batteries of the left (Rusher's Phrase);
The performance to date, of clowns such as Preibus, Ryan, McCarthy, among others, is mute testament to that cold reality.


And what do you propose as alternative? The dems ruling our government again?


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