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The U.N. report calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, labeling Israel an "apartheid" state. It actually recommends that the U.N. no longer recognize Israe

U.N. agency is calling for the U.N. to revoke Israel's nationhood. It's an abominable attack on our ally.

In fact, the U.N. agency head publicly proclaimed that Israel commits "war crimes against humanity."

We've legally defeated these outrageous and dangerous claims before at the International Criminal Court. Now we're preparing to submit legal documents to the U.N., demanding the report be revoked and detailing the unthinkable fallacies and anti-Semitic propaganda that it contains.

In just days, I will directly address this issue at the U.N. General Assembly in New York.

But I urgently need your voice now. Go to the U.N. with us in defense of Israel.




Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel



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A cardinal principle of governance since the Ancients, through the Medieval Era on to the High Renaissance; was sovereign right expressed by the self -determination of the citizens of the nation-state. 

Then the secular heretics of the French Enlightenment unleashed their self-destructive political neuroses in the 18th century; and mankind has never recovered; experiencing one calamity followed by an even greater one.

World government administered by garbage such as the UN, successor to the League, is a prime example.

Hence we are paying for our own destruction and by extension civilization.
Https://aclj.org /petitions

There is far more to the French Revolution than is being realized and understanding it starts with the name Rothschild.

As for Israel they are perfectly capable of fighting their own battles, they have plenty of their own sins to answer.

Plenty of other reasons to close the door on the UN without kissing Israel's ring.

Or buying Palestinian terrorists lies.

You do realize it was their homes and lands taken, I mean it was not uninhabited and yet for some reason that is overlooked.

How much trouble was there with the Palestinians BEFORE 1948? none

Wonder what happened in 1948?

You need to be careful in rejecting one lie you do not pick up a worse one. 

Do you know who perpetuated the worst terrorist attack in the world up until 1983?

Zionists at the King David Hotel, so it seems the Arabs copied that from the Zionists.

Is that even remotely disputable? 

Exactly why do think all this has happened? 

Read A.C.Hitchcock's definitive work on the history of the matter or else remain deceived.

More cause to just stay the hell out of it.

Palestine is sited in the Levant between the eastern Mediterranean and the Jordan River.

So who are the Palestinians??? Depends on your timeline.

Originally it was the people of Jericho.

Next, in ancient times, it was peopled by Canaanites, Phoenicians, Israelites and Achaemenes.

Then came the Greeks and Romans, followed by the Seleucids, Judeans, Syrians and Byzantines.

Finally, the Muslims appeared.

So who has territorial rights??? It sure as Hell ain't the Arabs.

A digression that is relevant and salient!

The foundation of the supremacy of the British Empire had always been the Royal Navy. By 1907, First Sea Lord John Fischer understood that German Naval Gunnery had become much superior. To counter it, Britain needed greater maneuverability and speed which could only be achieved by more efficient fuel; hence Britain needed to rapidly convert from coal to oil which then was virtually non-existent within its Empire. Then when English Engineers discovered oil in Mesopotamia (Iraq); an Ottoman province, the focus of their Foreign Policy shifted accordingly.

And there the seeds for the current cauldron in the Middle East were sewn, during the years of the Great War. Starting w/the Balfour Declaration of 1916, on through the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire; the Middle East was realigned w/little to no reflection on the vast cultural, economic and religious differences within the area.

Today we pay the price for this colossal and callous hubris of British Diplomacy.

The hubris has not ended nor even abated, it has accelerated.

There is not even oil in that area so that excuse breaks down easily.

Were it not for US involvement I would not give a hoot about the place, most wouldn't, so besides the Zionists exactly whose interests are being served?

No one that I can tell.

I will say this much, all it takes is a bit of reading and cross checking to understand it, it aint pretty.


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