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Wake up America, it's not Russian interference - it's the party politics. Russia doesn't really care who won, but they sure are enjoying our divisive country right now. Remember Ross Perot?  "United we Stand, Divided we fall, America."  Well, the more we divide this country the sooner we may be destroyed; and it's both parties and the Media encouraging it. Enough already. Party politics isn't the answer and trying to impeach President Trump (notice I use President Trump) sure won't protect America. 

I'm so tired of hearing and reading about what Russia did, what about taking care of America!  Do your job Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell. And Democrats, you lost my votes after JFK. I will never vote for a Democrat again, as long as your party has the anti-America attitude.   It's time for the silent majority to start speaking out, ENOUGH.

I've sent this to the local Madison, WI (Wisconsin State Journal) and to a local newspaper in Mazomanie. The local will print it, but not sure of the State Journal - it been taken over.


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Sen. Ted Cruz, along with a few allied Republican senators, have decided to pick up their skirts, grab their balls and FINALLY go for the jugular.
The Senators are asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to immediately initiate an investigation into the efforts by the Obama Administration to change the outcomes of foreign elections by giving out taxpayer funds to “extreme and sometimes violent political activists.”

Free Beacon reports:http://dailynewscycle.com/2017/06/ted-cruz-goes-for-soros-obamas-ju...


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