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Romney is a Democrat plant! Listen to Rush Limbaugh’s program for today, Monday January 9, 2012. That is why Democrats and OBAMA’S PRESS ARE NOT OPPOSING HIM. Romney and Obama are the same, just as their healthcare shows. Save your donations for the real opposition.
8: AM Saturday, January 7, 2011
(This posting is based on various Internet and TV programs on Saturday. A few more additions are made today, Monday.)
Pat Robertson says God told him who will win. My 70 years in the Bible tell me much the same, but not who will win. I believe: THAT DEPENDS ON AMERICA’S SPIRITUAL LEVEL.
I have gone from Herman Cain to Ron Paul to Michele Bachmann. Now what, Santorum? Have you gone to his web page? His “issues” takes you to donations only. His “personal” page led me again, to “donations.”
He seems to be 100% against baby killing.
But where is he on the threat of Islam to America and the world? 1400 years of warfare against Jews and Christians is nothing to sneeze about. Ignorance of this fact is nothing but blinds to current events.
Where is he on the wall, whose open border lets in drug lords, radical Muslims, and illegal Latino squatters who are planted by leaders of Mexico to take back America for Mexico? That border must be closed.
Will he take the federal government back to the restrictions of the Constitution? Without that we will soon feel the curse of bankruptcy, total unemployment, and anarchary. No! There is an article on “… limited government” on Internet that shows he is for big government. He is for control of the population. That is horrifying.
He has also been for gun control.
According to the discussion on “WealthTrack” on“World” at 5 PM CT, the whole western world is in trouble financially. Only China is prepared to come out of “this world wide slow growth world,” because, unlike Europe with too many opinions, China’s dictatorship can change directions almost by day.
Where does our living God fit in on this dilemma? It appears that He is waiting to see what we Americans who claim to be His servants will do? Will we go back to Him stronger than ever, as we were in the days of the Civil War, or sit back and just wait for Him to make His move, if He will. He is waiting to see what America will do: Back to Him or let socialism drive us finally into a vacuum in which Islam can take over.
At one time America was God’s Missionary to the world. Now Africa has more Christians than America. China, many, many more. And they are ready, with the many converted Muslims, to carry the Gospel, Jesus is the only Savior for eternity, to the remaining Unreached Dialects of the world. They must be reached before the “Great Tribulation” can begin at which time Satan is released from prison. See Revelation 5: 9 and 14: 6. There are many other events there which have still to be fulfilled during THIS LAST REVIVAL.
For you who might think you do not need Jesus, remember what He says in Matthew 5: 48. You and I will be judged by those words on Judgment Day. We must be totally changed, if heaven is to be a better place than here. Jesus is the only one who has made that possible. He died for you, to pay for all your sins. He wants you in heaven with Him.
When you believe that, your life will change. You will be rejecting the urges of your flesh so that you will try to serve Him until He takes you home.
I want to see you there, with every Muslim, Latino, every one in India, etc., etc.
What saddens me is: Only a small number from each tribe, tongue, and nation will accept Him as their eternal Savior. I want you to be one of that small group.

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Dear Rev. Alvin Cordes:

Great post, which I totally agree with!

I believe that the following recent article and/or blog post and video relate to this disturbing issue-You Decide:

Virginia Voter Asks GOP Leader to Vet GOP Presidential Candidates to Determine If They Are Constitutionally Eligible POTUS Candidates!-Posted on Obama Ballot Challenge-By unlawful-On January 9, 2012:


Video: Palin: Obama Wants To Face Romney!-Posted on YouTube.com-By sarahnettoo-On January 7, 2012:


“Food For Thought”

God Bless the U.S.A.!


Semper Fi!


Thanks, Jake for the additions.

We need a lengthy discussion such as we had with my change to Michele Bachmann.


When is the last day any new person can start running for the Republican Party, not that I have to vote Republican.

However, it appears that only a Republican can beat Obama. BUT, WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Like I said, "God is waiting to see what we Americans want, what we will pray for, whom we will vote for, our conscience? Or, just not vote for the president, and throw our selves on the mercy of God. Yes! He can and does see us through our darkest moments.


I read Romney's father was born in Mexico.


Please verify where Romney's was born, if you think it makes any difference for this or any other election.

Of course it matters for ANY US election! Parents must be born in America, but the Congress of whores are doing their damndest to blur that line. They well knew the muslim usurper was not an American citizen. but they were paid to look the other way because in a NWO sovereignty is no longer the game. We're corporate owned and in the future, if they want a Chicom as prez, well the way  has been paved. Puppet Obama laid the ground work and his race was their ace in the hole. Not so long ago, I posted an article that had Romney stating 'Obama doesn't need to show his birth certificate' .  Oh? I can't find the article now about his parents but maybe the following will help:   www.gulagbound.com/16967/the-phony-right-wing-who-is-selling-us-dow...


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