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Will We The People launch a Civil War if The Globalists Take Trump Down

The left is trying so hard to take Trump down. But do they realize what may happen if they get their way. The possibility of this is real.

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If Trump goes down at the hands of the establishment (globalist). We will either fight or give up. I do not want to live in slavery and be forced to take the hand outs from the elite ruling class.The times we live in now are perilous.This is a hinging  time in history.If we can not take care of things via voting. Then it will take a lot of bloodshed.Everyone needs to check what they are truly made of. I have a plan B. Do you.........Mueller is a globalist hit man...He is going to put together something to get Trump on.

I am not going down without a fight.

Me either. I may not be good at fighting because of my joints are pretty much loaded up with arthritis. But I can shoot straight...I just hope we get some good leaders . I expect Oath Keepers to take a leading role. My strength would be at base camp helping with supplies. Running a kitchen to feed thousands I can do....If the SHTF I will find a spot suited for my skill set .I would rather die standing on me feet fighting for Liberty rather than live on my knees hoping for a hand out.

I could hang back and make sure the women and the viagra are safe.

I like your plan better...I could double up on my meds and help ya.

Team player!

NWO`s plan called agenda 21 is on our door steps and people are blind to the truth of it

Globalists hardly need to take Trump down; as he is doing the job for them w/his reckless mouth.
He simply cannot shut the hell up and reflect for even 2 seconds; this Korea fandango being exhibit A.
Instead of allowing our military to handle this, behind the scenes, particularly via covert actions; he's engaged in a daily urinary contest w/Fatso that is achieving precisely what????
Has anyone noticed that Japan, So.Korea and China as well as our so called European allies, England France and Germany, haven't uttered a solitary peep about this????
Prediction: Trump will NOT be re-nominated and then blame everybody else!

Trump will win in landslide . As far as Fatso is concerned , Trumps managing the situation is spot on. As china tries to be the good cop. Trump needs to be bad cop. I am surprised you did not pick up on that. You sound like you can work for CNN.

So a 38% favorability rating (from Rasmussen no less) equates to a landslide??? Wow, who knew! 

Just in...The poles are fake... Plus 38% is the highest of all the main politicians. People pretty much are sick of all politicians. I do believe that he hovered around 38% during his whole campaign ...So maybe that 38% is not bad... All depends on the actual pole intent. Put Trump up against another political name and see what you get.. Schumer, Pelosi ,...I am sure he beats them.

It is obvious you think he is doing a bad job. Sorry you feel that. I think he is doing a good job.What exactly has he done or not done that you do not like. Obviously healthcare is the fault of a do nothing congress.You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink it...Obama passed it using pork. No kick backs in Trumps game.That is nice to see for sure. In the days of Pork Barrel Kick Backs, Congress did things at a faster rate. Now to get things passed with out the magic tool of bribery is much harder.


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