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Will We The People launch a Civil War if The Globalists Take Trump Down

The left is trying so hard to take Trump down. But do they realize what may happen if they get their way. The possibility of this is real.

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The job he's doing/not doing has little, if anything, to do w/it!!!

What I know, as well as the overwhelming majority of voters, is that Trump cannot

SHUT THE HELL UP, for even 2 seconds.

His mother dealt w/his neurotic compulsion by sending him to military school at 13

years of age; which unfortunately achieved nothing, yet at least she tried.

Anyone who is in a relationship w/someone addicted to bombast, bluster and bull shit, be it spouse or friend, knows it's doomed.

The voters are rendering their judgement in their unfavorability ratings and will not put up w/him for a day past 4 years!!!!!! 

https://www.gop.com/rnc-has-record-415-million-first-quarter/Yea I know, His Political incorrectness has made him such a looser in life. Oh buy the way , have you seen that the RNC has set record in raising money..The thing is ,it has set a record by small donations...Weird right. LOL . Achieve nothing ?????  Turning one million into 10 billion dollars and becoming POTUS  LOL You might want to step back and see how silly that looks.Thomas, your starting to sound like a guy who use to post here...

Oh, by the way ...The fire and fury remarks were planned remarks.

Not s ure where you get your information from Thomas ,But maybe you will like to use source like this.


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