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Karen Handel

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Comment by kevin kiernan on Friday

Me to Art. I want her to win.It is all in for the DNC. But even if Ossoff wins DNC Loses because he is such a schmuk..And people will see that. Karen on the other hand is very smart. I am just not big on career politicians. But maybe she will be a different type... They say she is very conservative. Which is fine by me.

Comment by Art in Idaho on Friday

I'm still hoping she wins.  Kevin, I hear your point, but the MSM will ballyhoo an Ossoff win as the new Obama and money will pour in to the DNC.  No thanks.  Onward to Nov 2018!

Comment by kevin kiernan on Thursday

I would think she will take him to school in a debate.

Comment by kevin kiernan on Thursday

We might do well to let the left have the seat. If Ossoff wins, He would become the new poster boy for the Progressive movement. This young moron is a total Moron. For him to be a left wing center piece would kill their  cause. I mean look who they put in charge of the DNC. That was a huge gift for us. The Democratic Party is doubling down and moving farther left....I mean way farther and faster. They have thrown caution to the wind. They have a bunch of mindless Blowhards ln charge.And Hollywood is the gasoline in the mix....Now that there are no Blue Dogs left to keep them centered a little bit. They will keep pushing to see who can push their party farther left. Even Chuck the  Schmuk has moved far left.Think about it. Who do they have that has name recognition that is even close to being center.All the big names in the D. Party are far left. This is how our prayers are being answered.The left wing is going insane.

Comment by kevin kiernan on Thursday

They say she is very right wing. Also she seems to be establishment. Our side needs to get her on board, but she is no prize for sure......Reminds me of cheesy Fry`s.

Comment by kevin kiernan on Thursday

They say she is very right wing. Also she seems to be establishment. Our side needs to get her on board, but she is no prize for sure......Reminds me of cheesy Fry`s.

Comment by Hankelvis on Thursday

After watching Handel, I realize she has the personality of a potato.

No matter, I hope she wins and is not a RINO.

I am kind of attracted to that potato right now.

Comment by kevin kiernan on April 18, 2017 at 11:04pm

CNN has just projected that there will be a run off in June

Comment by kevin kiernan on April 18, 2017 at 10:51pm

As of 10:40 pm Ossoff was sitting at 50.3% of the vote. Waiting for another update. Most reports are figuring him to to under 50%. They say that precints that are still out lean more Republican.....Sure hope so...

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