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The Obama budget is abusive. To us certainly but the onslaught to our children and the unborn is an assault to us all. Our debt now equals our entire economy. The debt currently is $15 Trillion dollars and goes up every second. On a good year we take in $14-15 Trillion dollars. That does not include our unfunded liabilities, which are over $100 Trillion dollars. $5 Trillion of the $15 Trillion has occurred since Obama became President. In summary, we are broke and Obama came out with a budget that totally ignores our federal financial condition and the will of the people expressed last November.

The budget proposed by Obama proposes $1.6 Trillion in new taxes over the next 10 years, starting in 2011. He proposes a $50 billion high-speed rail boondoggle. He proposes $77 billion for the Department of Education. Always good for votes on Election Day. I wonder if Ayers was in on that one. He wants to increase the budget 22% for the Department of Energy, which produces no energy. How about a 30% increase for the EPA? Are you okay with that? More rules and regulations to impede business. How about $150 billion for research grants?

Our generation has the responsibility to do something about the moral issue of the abuse of our children, grandchildren and the “generations yet unborn”, (to quote Washington), that will be saddled with incalculable debt. The debt is going to double in 5 years and triple in 10 years. Obama is going to spend, borrow, tax and regulate us to fiscal death. Our progeny will be giving 100% of their income to the Federal government.

The new top tax bracket will be 44.8% under the Obama budget. Paul Ryan said the Congressional Budget Office projected the tax rate for middle-income families will be 66% by 2030. The top tax rate then will be 88%. The CBO economic model breaks down on 2037. The computers will not compute after 2037 because of the strangulation of debt. Do you want your grandchildren to be living with that kind of taxation and debt? Three jobs and living on the street? Keep in mind this is just the Federal budget, deficit and debt. The State and local budget crunches and taxes are not even factored in this analysis.

Obama’s budget is very anti-capitalist. Obama is going after small business, the oil companies, and coal production with higher taxes and regulations. Marx and Lenin would be proud. It’s no doubt he hates our American way of life. Elections have consequences.

We said Stop the Spending last November. Obama is ignoring us and doubling down. The Marxist is trying to achieve his goal of destroying the American economy, impeding free markets and in the end, destroying capitalism and replace it with world socialism. If there was any doubt he is truly an anti-American it has been removed. Obama is Cloward-Piven on steroids. He wants to destroy the future of our most cherished love, our children, and the generations unborn.

Is this not a declaration of war against the American people? We shall defend our children. Fight America. Fight to remove the Marxist in 2012. We are battling for the future of our children, grandchildren and the unborn. The abuse will stop, come hell or high water. . .

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