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What are the chances that a basketball team consisting of blind pygmies could defeat the Golden State Warriors? Their odds of pulling off the upset would be like the American colonists defeating the most powerful military force in the Revolutionary War.

To accomplish this seemingly impossible task it took courage. The Patriots had to put their skin in the game. If they failed they would have lost all of their possessions including their lives.

They were will to risk everything they had for the cause of freedom. They pledged their lives, their liberty and their sacred honor.The knew their cause was just and their faith in God gave them the courage to take on Goliath. In order to restore our liberty and our Republic we encourage all of our friends and neighbors to join the AmericaAgain! Project

It is without a doubt the only solution that I believe can overthrow the crime syndicate in Washington D.C. without a bloody revolution. Put some your skin in the game today or a pound of flesh tomorrow!

The problems in United States today is that the people are all addicted to cheese. The government provides free cheese to the people in order to lure them in to a trap. When you accept FREE cheese, there are consequences. Thomas Jefferson once suggested the following advice. When you or I take something that belongs to our neighbor, we have committed a crime, but when the government takes something from one man and gives it to another, they call it taxation. Taxation is just another name for legalized theft by the government. Our government was created by the consent of the governed and the people can only grant to their government powers that they themselves already possess. Because it is not lawful for a man to lie, cheat or steal, the people can not lawfully grant to their government the power to lie, cheat or steal. When violate this code we are punished, but when our elected officials do it they get rewarded. Unfortunately, most men would rather get something for nothing than to work for it. We can either work to pay the price to obtain the things we want or we can ask the government to take things from our neighbor wo that they can give them to us.

Robin Hood Was Not a Democrat

Robin Hood was not a Democrat, and I am sorry to say he was not a Republican either. He was a Libertarian Tax Protester. He did not rob from the rich to give to the poor. He took back from the government the money the Sheriff had stolen in the form of taxes and returned it to its rightful owners, the people who paid the taxes. The progressives of today would have us believe that Robin Hood was Great Britain's first socialist. That he was dedicated to redistributing wealth by taking from the rich landowners and giving to the poor and needy. The Progressives in both political parties would have us believe that they are modern day versions of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. They believe that the rich Capitalists gained their wealth by exploiting the masses. They believe that taxing the rich to feed the poor is an act of compassion. They don’t see it as redistribution. They call it social justice.Both parties seem to think that the government's power to tax trumps our individual rights to life, liberty and property. They think that the will of the majority is more important than the rule of law. They think we live in a Democracy. They will even call it that. They think our rights are merely privileges granted by the state.

George Washington was not a Conservative

A Conservative is an individual who desires to preserve or maintain a particular set of values. Whether or not being a Conservative is good or bad depends entirely upon which set of values they are attempting to preserve. George Washington was dedicated to achieving independence and was not a conservative, but King George and his followers were. The terms liberal and conservative are labels that divide people into political parties. They seek to lobby the government to get special benefits and privileges denied to others and they don’t even mean the same thing as they did formerly. In the 1770′s, a colonist who supported King George and the British Parliament would have been classified as a Conservative and those who opposed him would have been considered liberals. In the 1860′s, the supporters of slavery would have been labeled conservatives and the Abolitionists would have been considered the liberals. Before the American War for Independence, it was believed that Kings and Queens ruled by divine right. This principle led to tyranny and human bondage. To accept the status quo would have been the position of a conservative. After the ratification of the Constitution, a new set of principles were established in America and then any individual who embraced the Declaration of Independence was called a conservative. Declaring that someone is a conservative without stating the principles they believe in, doesn’t tell anyone anything.Anyone opposed to the principles articulated in our founding documents is simply trying to divide and confuse the people in order to control them. We need to stop identifying ourselves with political labels such as “liberal” or “conservative” and start defining ourselves by the principles in which we believe. No more names or classifications.I am not a liberal or a conservative. I don’t lean to the right or to the left. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I simply believe that we were “endowed by our Creator” with the right to life, liberty and property. I believe that “governments derive their power from the consent of the governed” and are created to secure our unalienable rights. Today, we are taught that to rebel against tyranny and injustice is radical, but in the 1770′s it was considered Patriotic. We are no longer taught that we should always do what is right, or that it is morally repugnant to God to obey unjust laws and submit to tyranny. We are not conservative or liberal or progressive. We are “The Americans”.

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