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Falling asleep at the wheel can have tragic consequences. Failure to be wide awake is irresponsible and potentially very dangerous. Our founding fathers knew their experiment in self government required the people to be eternally vigilant.

They predicted that like cancer, the newly formed government would metastasize if the people failed to hold the government officials accountable. It was to be their job to follow the job descriptions given to them in the Constitution and to honor their oath to preserve, protect and defendant the Constitution. The Constitution can protect our rights if we don't defend it.

By remaining silent and complying with unconstitutional laws we give our consent. By obeying rules, regulations, codes and statutes we must ignore the provision in our Constitution. In order to defend the Constitution we must read and understand the principles upon which it was written.

We should always comply with just laws and refuse to comply with those that are not. In order to be free, we must be responsible. For far too many years the American people have been asleep at the wheel and our and are about to pay the price for our negligence.      AmericAgain!

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