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By having 435 Congressional Representatives concentrated in one place make it easy for the representatives to be bribed by lobbyists and special interest groups. For them it is like shooting fish in a barrel. We need to send our Congressmen and women back to their home districts.

If 27 of our state legislatures were to ratify the originally proposed First Amendment there would be one representative for every 50,000 people. This means the power currently in the hands of 435 representatives would be shared by over 6,000 representatives.

If these 6,000 representatives were to vacate Washington DC and return to their Home District they could better represent their constituents. Currently it costs so much to run for office candidates take vast sums of money of special interest groups in order to get elected.

By reducing the number of voters in a Congressional District anyone who could afford to run for the City Council could afford to run for Congress. If our local representatives were to leave Washington DC and return to their Home Districts, the people would be better able to hold their elected representative accountable. The time has come to join AmericaAgain! to restore the House of Representatives to its rightful owner


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Comment by Hankelvis on January 28, 2017 at 3:18pm
Saudis have over 50 trillion in non operating capitol they can afford to give each member of both houses a billion dollars, each university a billion dollars, each news outlet a billion dollars, each union a billion dollars, each state legislature, govenor, dog catcher, and still have trillions left over. They already own the universities, media, and unions that we know of. All they want is to use the power and might of the U.S. military to destroy their sworn enemy Israel.

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