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The Tail is Wagging the Dog

Most of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were initially opposed to the ratification of the Constitution. In fact only six of the fifty five signers of the Declaration even attended Constitutional Convention held in 1787.

They feared the government created by the Constitution gave far too much power to the National government. They felt the Constitution would plant the seeds of tyranny and the new government would one day enslave the people it was created to protect.

The Constitution was written to control the government, not the people or the states. The National government was be the servant of the people, not their master. The powers delegated to the central government of the united States were few and well defined and any power not specifically granted to the government of the united States was reserved to the states and the people.

The Anti-Federalists wanted a small central government with limited powers while the Federalists want a large government with virtually limitless power. The battle between these ideologies was the reason for the Civil War. The war was not fought to free the slaves, it was fought to enslave the states.

Before the Civil War the people were sovereign and had unalienable rights, but after the war are God given rights became privileges granted to us by the government of the united States. The Constitution which was written to protect the rights of the people became a tool in the hands of the financial elite to enslave the states and the people.

The government created of, by and for the people is now the government of the lobbyist, by the lawyers and for the bankers.

Please re-write this article and submit it as a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and share this message with your friends and neighbors.  

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