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                      Whose House is it Anyway?                            

In the Constitution the legislative branch was to consist of a House to Represent the States another House to Represent the people. The House of the States was to be known as the Senate and the House of the people would be called the House of Representatives. 

In order to guarantee that the people would be fairly represented it was proposed that each representative in the House would be responsible to serve a community of no more than 30,000 people. They believed that larger districts would make it more difficult for voices of the people to be heard.
Today the average Congressional District has over 700,000 people. It is impossible for that many people to be adequately represented  by one Congressman. As the number of constituents in a Congressional  District rises, the voice of the people become a whisper.
Over the past century bankers , lawyers and lobbyists have moved into the People's house and as a result the hostile takeover, our Congressmen and women are now controlled by a cabal of the financial elite. To restore we the people as the lawful tenants we need to those elected to represent us our are now working
to  serve the financial elite.  Click Here
In order to reclaim the People's House we need to transfer the power from 435 representatives to the people by reducing the number of constituents in each of our Congressional  Districts.
The original First proposed amendment mandated that there would be one representative for every 30,000 people in the state and that once the House of Representatives reached 200 members the ratio would change to 50,000 to 1.
This amendment to sent to the states along with eleven other proposed amendments. The First and Second of the proposed amendments failed to be ratified by 3/4's of the states and failed to be tatified/ Amendments three thru twelve were ratified and became the Bill of Rights.
Eleven states voted in favor of ratifying the proposed First Amendment and if 27 more state legislatures vote to ratify the proposed amendment it will become the 28th Amendment.
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