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Voter Fraud Proven;Tens of thousands of filled out Ballots for Hillary were found in Ohio

This needs to go viral asap to warn everyone the Democrats will not play fair this election. Who knows how many other stashes of fraudulent Hillary votes there are around the country? Make a big stink of this to your Congressional Representatives. MSM has not yet reported this find, WHY?

 a dilapidated downtown warehouse by maint worker. According to sources, Randall Prince, a Columbus-area electrical worker, was doing a routine check of his companies wiring and electrical systems when he stumbled across approximately one dozen black, sealed ballot boxes filled with thousands of Franklin County votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates.
“No one really goes in this building.  It’s mainly used for short-term storage by a commercial plumber,” Prince said.  Ohio. Voting does not start until Oct 12 in Ohio, so why are they there and filled out? This is Federal Voter Fraud. Full story at; http://christiantimesnewspaper.com/breaking-tens-of-thousands-of-fr...

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Given Hillary's proclivity for Corruption, I wonder how many are in every other State? Especially the Battleground States like Ohio is. Makes you wonder about the 2012 rumors about Rigged elections. Remember this too the GOP is legally barred from investigating and voter Fraud by the 1982 order of a Democrat appointed judge who comes out of retirement for one day every year to re-institute his order banning GOP investigations 

Dickinson Richards Debevoise was the District Court judge and hard left Democrat who issued the original order.

 This story needs to be confirmed.. Slow down M. ...Don`t get caught speeding.http://www.snopes.com/clinton-votes-found-in-warehouse/


Click on the link to the story just above the first picture and read through it. I believe this is true.

I did read it. But then I also read the other. ..I need it to play out a little more to get behind it...Hope some Trump supporters in Ohio will check it out ...We shall see.

Seems Virginia has discovered 18-20 zombie voters. And one was a very well known person. Must be that he was so important, that he came back to life.  So now we have proven Colorado dead voters, and also in Virginia.  And oh, it appears that our DMV (who helps register and provide IDS so persons can vote) turned down a man who was born in Illinois. He didn't have any real proof - said his birth certificate was in Ill.  And the Fed. Judge told Wis. you better fix that. First time Scott Walker faced the recall election, we discovered lots of Illinois - Union members coming here and voting.  And in Milwaukee, homeless were offered cigarettes for voting.   Saw lots of Illinois license plates at our voting precinct, but they still lost. (Many Illinois signatures on the recall petitions - though that should have been stopped, too.)

Has to be bogus, there is no "Democratic"Party.

Red, It's good to see a member that joined in 2008 posting again.


As part of their commitment to elect Hillary and democrats, the liberal press is no less determined to hide any and every evidence of voter fraud. They have to. Because if enough instances are uncovered and shown to the population at large, their case for the lefties may collapse. So, you are not going to hear it on TV or most common newspapers. 

The only megaphone the left cannot silence for the next month is Trump and his organization. It really doesn't cost much for a small staff to assemble all stories, select the ones most easily verifiable, and then let Trump bring it up in the next debates and speeches. The liberal media will be forced to write about it. And if these stories are correct, they will be in real trouble. 

What we, the regular people say or do won't matter. If everyone not committed to Hillary votes for Trump, their number alone will swamp the illegal votes for dems. Voting is about the only thing the lefties can't stop us from doing. They control almost everything else. 

Brilliantly stated!

“Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

True, we can't be silent, and  the opposite of silence is speaking up. But I propose that arguing among ourselves with people like kevin or writing to WashPost or NYT will have no effect. If you speak up, you must have a loud megaphone which can be heard over the noise of the liberal press. And only Trump has it. Perhaps that's why he was nominated to speak for those whose voices have been squashed. 

And squashed they have been. Speaking up is no longer an option - in effect, the people have been silenced. It started after Obama got elected first time, and is now in force. The only real uncompromised weapon the people have is vote. And that's the only way they will be able to arrest the march to tyranny, which will certainly continue if Hillary is elected. 

Mind you, neither Trump or Hillary personally will hurt us. It will be the bureaucrats they appoint in executive branch who will be regulating our lives. It is they you will be dealing with on regular basis, and if you like what you have now under Obama, then by all means, vote for Hillary. But if you want to change all, you have no other choice but Trump. Not that he is the desired  candidate, but because he will replace current corrupt management of government with new people. Sure, in time they too will become corrupt, but at least we will have time to recoup, replan and at least no longer be forced to remain silent. 

My name is mentioned but I am not sure how to take what you say.


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