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Newest NRA ad challenges Hillary's Fanatical and Stated Desire to disarm the American People and take away their God given right to protect and defend themselves by taking away the means for that protection.

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Here is a summation of why we need to reject Hillary and the rest of the Elitist Progressives if we want to retain our Liberty and be able to pursue happiness without Government interference into the very fabric of our private lives. Please try to understand the message that is being conveyed between the lines by the NRA spoksman as it goes far beyond the Gun Control issues and into the very warp and woof of our daily lives the progressives desperately want complete and total control over. Check out the commentary 7 minutes into the video to 8 minutes and beyond, because it will open your eyes

You need to watch the videos of trump and Clinton and learn their opposing viewpoints on guns and gun control. Also watch the video that exposes the sheer self anointed superiority and outright arrogance shown by the Gun Control Crowd when talking and 'Legislating' on gun control

First Trump;

Next Hillary;

Next a video titled:
Proof Anti Gun People Are Dangerously Mentally ill;

The next two videos show where the Uber-Left Elitists will take America if we don't stop them NOW. If Hillary gets in the final slide will commence and not stop until she has destroyed the Constitution and all of it's protections granted to the American people.

First, in the words of a WWII survivor you will learn what Gun Control really means despite every effort from the left to deny this. This is the truth First Hand from someone who had been through it and is warning us against it;


The next one explains why the Progressive Elitist gun control tactics do not work but they expose us to added danger of violence.

Gun Control History MUST SEE Please don't skip ad at beginning; 

Finally Judge Napolitano has something to say: Gun Control: New Documentary (high res) Not one gun law has stopped the violence;


Do you really want the TRUTH? Can You Handle the TRUTH? Here is an Educational video on: Gun Control and Mass Shootings: Facts, Lies and God

The new Ad (NRA) shows a woman facing a house break-in, she turns for her gun, and it's gone (thanks to Hillary). So what is she to do. It was left to the imagination. What a picture that shows.

Following up on Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold race for the US Senate.Feingold's push for votes has stated that he expects Clinton to do Executive
Order against gun ownership - and he appears to back it.  However, just like he did when he first ran, made it sound like he'd check out the situation, he believes in the First Amendment - yeah, right - like you did back in 62, when you first ran. You lied to me then in person.


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Concerning the Florida Shooting, We Are At A Crossroads.

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Concerning the Florida Shooting, We Are At A Crossroads.

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