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Virginia Foulk
  • Female
  • Mazomanie, WI
  • United States
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Started Mar 25 0 Replies

Just wondering - has anyone ever accessed this program to check out the bills being introduced?I was checking on H.Res 6 and using the H. Res search name it showed some very interesting bills being…Continue

Eve of Destruction

Started this discussion. Last reply by Hankelvis Mar 14. 3 Replies

Remember this song ?- those of you around in the 60s? (just heard it again and it reminded me of just what was going on then - seems there is pattern here and now.)1.   Eve of Destruction…Continue

Open Letter to WeThe People U.S.A.

Started this discussion. Last reply by marrand Feb 28. 8 Replies

Hey, what the heck. We the people include everyone, even those we disagree with. And getting more than one side of an issue is American.  So why behave like the Anti-Trump, Anti-American group.Will…Continue

Voted Perot (VP)

Started Feb 26 0 Replies

Got a reply from a person met on Stop the Insanity/ and he replied to a little fun item I sent him about one of our cats - the one that banged on the window, at 4am and we thought it was someone at…Continue


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Virginia Foulk replied to kevin kiernan's discussion JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT
"From a former Stop The Insanity website participant.  she found and passed it on.  I loved it.  "17 INCHES" - you will not regret reading this An excellent article to read from beginning to end. Twenty years ago, in…"
Apr 12
Virginia Foulk replied to M's discussion Secret Service Request (Not A Joke)
"Well, wonder why they haven't done anything about the radicals in the movie, music, comedy and production arenas.  There sure are instances that need addressing.   And now we have a stupid Secret Service individual leaving a…"
Apr 2
Virginia Foulk replied to M's discussion Trump's plans for 2nd Amendment
"It is a bit of a dilemma - because our Constitution and the 2ND Amendment does not mention any training - so what to do.  And yes, I have my concerns about just anyone carrying (but then, it's being done right now and without any…"
Apr 2
Virginia Foulk replied to M's discussion Trump's plans for 2nd Amendment
"Wisconsin may be on the cusp of enacting "Constitutional Carry Law."  My conceal carry still in effect, but sure would be proud of Wisconsin for "Constitutional Carry"  (even though I'd be worried about those…"
Apr 1
Virginia Foulk replied to M's discussion Compelling Reasons We Must Demand Our States Petition For An Article V Amendment Proposal Convention
"Wisconsin is working on this right now. Have gotten 3 letters asking me to stand against this, trying to explain it will take away our rights.  Have no interest in these profiteering groups. Will certainly support the Article V convention.…"
Mar 30
Virginia Foulk replied to kevin kiernan's discussion Judicial Watch
"Seems he doesn't have a clue, either. Arizona and Sheriff Joe know about Larry Klayman. And I have been privileged to be receiving the JW news for several years - . Really like it. (Didn't realize Klayman started it though - before my…"
Mar 30
Virginia Foulk posted a discussion


Just wondering - has anyone ever accessed this program to check out the bills being introduced?I was checking on H.Res 6 and using the H. Res search name it showed some very interesting bills being introduced - over 2600 Since Jan 3, 2017. And some of them - like make a week in Feb. student counseling week (perhaps it was also whining week). This is what our Congress wastes its time doing?  Stuff like this?  One was term limits - I liked that one, but counseling week?  Humm.See More
Mar 25
Virginia Foulk replied to USA_kat's discussion Obama-Care (PPACA) and The US Congress
"Thought this would get a few thoughts.   The Best Health Care Solution for Dealing With Our Sick and Elderly Politicians Written by Richard McCann A Modest Proposal:  Now That We Are Talking About Revising Health Care, How About Making…"
Mar 18
Hankelvis replied to Virginia Foulk's discussion Eve of Destruction
"Rock Me On the Water Oh people, look around you The signs are everywhere You've left it for somebody other than you To be the one to care You're lost inside your houses There's no time to find you now Your walls are burning And your…"
Mar 14
Virginia Foulk replied to Virginia Foulk's discussion Eve of Destruction
"Wow, I remember that one, too. Thanks for the memories. Kinda scary isn't it. (Both for the future, and being old enough to remember these songs.)"
Mar 13
charles royer replied to Virginia Foulk's discussion Eve of Destruction
"In the year 2525, if man is still alive If woman can survive, they may find In the year 3535 Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie Everything you think, do and say Is in the pill you took today In the year 4545 You ain't gonna…"
Mar 13
Virginia Foulk posted a discussion

Eve of Destruction

Remember this song ?- those of you around in the 60s? (just heard it again and it reminded me of just what was going on then - seems there is pattern here and now.)1.   Eve of DestructionBarry McGuireEastern world it is exploding Violent flares and bullets loading You're old enough to kill but not for voting You don't believe in war but…See More
Mar 12
Virginia Foulk replied to kathyet's discussion Patriot Blaine Cooper unjustly held in Nevada STATEMENT
"According to this, Cooper is still held in Nevada, but it's hard to understand this article. Says acquits the Bundys on Thursday, what Thursday. Then it refers you to rest of the story. Which was presented om October 27, 2016 by Fox News. …"
Mar 11
Virginia Foulk replied to charles royer's discussion Damn interesting?
"Seems that this is probably a Fake - since it is in English, suspect it should be in Kenyan, but what the heck. My thoughts? What is the problem between the two brothers.  Oh well. That's their problem."
Mar 10
Virginia Foulk replied to charles royer's discussion Damn interesting?
"More Interestin' Times  (wonder if this certificate is for real. ) WOW! BARACK’S BROTHER MALIK OBAMA Just Tweeted Obama’s Birth Certificate…And It’s Not From Hawaii  By 100% FED Up - Mar 9,…"
Mar 10
Virginia Foulk replied to charles royer's discussion Damn interesting?
"As Terry Pratchett said in one of his books _"Interestin' Times". Judge upholds state's fining of 'faithless electors' 1st time in Washington's history 1976 law is applied Published: 12 hours ago. Updated:…"
Mar 10

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At 2:38pm on November 13, 2015, M said…

There is a free gift, but I don't know much about it as I don't use it either. Probably some money making scheme from Ning. If you click on From the gift store at the bottom of your gift you will open the gift page and see the red ribbon that is free to give if you have a mind to. Truthfully, I wish it wasn't part of this site.


At 7:15pm on November 11, 2015, kevin kiernan gave Virginia Foulk a gift
At 6:08pm on November 11, 2015, kevin kiernan said…

Virginia, Blades gets everyone`s goat. He is passionate about this country. M has put him on suspension before ,and is on thin ice. I feel as you do about him, that he does offer some good vision on things. It  just sucks that he has a hard time with allowing others to offer the same in a respectful manner. I hope he does not get canned but it is up to him to respect others while debating. I like to try and say debating instead of arguing...Bottom line Blades is the brother who just does not play well with others. But I will still take him in my fox hole if the shit ever hits the fan.HE THINKS EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET HIM.

At 9:10am on November 7, 2015, marrand said…

Virginia, I am sorry I enticed you to this place. When I mentioned it, this site seemed very reasonable, being that it was run by MacFixit. I think I told you that Mangus suggested I do. I did. I told everyone I was a RINO and asked if I really belong here. M said of course. But Blades started a fight with me; I was able to handle it, but M cut him off. 

And then you entered. And then you saw how I was labeled a troll and you saw how I promised not to bother them again. And I ain't bothering them again. I do read the postings often since they provide recent news, especially the Election2016 thread. 

Yesterday I was posting many comments on New York Times, following their article on invsestigation of ExxnMobil. Just continuing the argument that this climate change propoganda is a hoax, getting hell from liberals, and dishing it right back. Amazingly NYT published most of what I wrote, attacking even their own column. 

Viriginia, I rather argue with liberals, real liberals, in a big forum like NYT since many undecideds come there to read. And the total audience is huge, perhaps a million. I refuse to get into any discussion with Tea Party people who call me RINO and mean it as an insult. You know my thinking on this: it was the stubborn Tea Part crowd and many evangelicals who stayed home and refused to vote for Romney. Now we all suffer under Obama. Gee thanks, guys. 

You are one of the few good guys in Tea Party I like. (I still like Minnow). 

At 3:04pm on November 4, 2015, Mickie Johnson said…

Thank you for the info Virginia.  I am glad she is doing better and hope to send her a message.  I just get busy.  I had some heart surgery which was not open heart but cauterizing some of the veins of my heart.  The doctor went inside to look at the whole heart through both sides of my groin.  I was only in the Hospital one night.  I am doing much better since my heart beat would beat fast, slow and then stop for 3 or 4 seconds.  It got worse so they did this surgery.  Much better.  I will send a message to Kaye on TPO.  thank you for the info and hope you are doing OK.

At 7:22pm on October 13, 2015, Love of Country said…

Thank you, glad you enjoy the information. :-)

At 11:20pm on October 7, 2015, Mickie Johnson said…

Thank you for asking me to be a friend.

At 9:32pm on September 29, 2015, jack ludwig said…
Now we have two places Virgina to share are thoughts and learn from others.
At 5:47pm on September 27, 2015, DE said…

Virginia..honored to be your friend...thank you for the request...


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