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Just who do our Senators and Congressmembers represent - The Democratc Party or their constituents.

I remember a few years ago, when our esteemed state Senators from Wisconsin took a few weeks away from Wisconsin to spend time in Illinois. Why? Because they didn't like the Act 10 bill being presented. Guess what, you clowns, the Senate and passed it using a special provision in our Constitution.Too bad, you nitwits, you lost that one. (Only thing I resented, was that they should have been FIRED!)

Now I notice that the Democrats are pulling the same crap again. in our US Senate. Boycotting. Well, perhaps the Senate GOP will find a Nuclear option somewhere to override the nitwits. After all, who are they supposed to represent.  Hey states, time to fire these persons who are NOT doing their job for your citizens.   

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They get this behavior from collective bargaining and alinsky tactics exactly the same as the unions. The unions post legislative actions on their website and lobby our representatives to fall in line. Noone will put two and two together and acknowledge the unions control the Democrats, the media, Hollywood, the protesters, Occupy, and that everyone is afraid of them because unions are controlled by the mafia.

The unions tried, Teachers Unions, and many others. Last I read, they lost at least a third of their memberships. They lost membership and money. And my husband voted against their agenda, even though he was union at the time -  Bakers and Confectioners (used to be potato Chip fry cook.)  Anyone even remember Red Dot Foods? They had the best potato chip. The owner took 10 years to perfect. (I lived right next door to the Madison plant, 9 other plants, potato fields were spread out in Wisconsin.) the original owner (no union then) was a very nice person, until his wife with 49% and his Son with 2% sold out to Lay Co. who then merged with Frito to become Frito-Lay. Poor man, he discovered too late that the merger he thought was including his business was a sellout. (He committed suicide 3 months later, when he discovered the note on his son's desk.  (I was working there in the office and was very sad about what happened)  By the way, I never buy any Frito-Lay products!!!!  Last year, I discovered an old Red Dot Foods package bag. Brought back memories. 

So, seems that Trump just might be able to reduce Teachers Unions and states will be able to take back their own educational programs. Hope & Change, right?

Actually Virginia, I believe they are representing George Soros and his ilk. Either that or they have been bought off by Soros. He is the evil behind all the unrest.

True enough: Soros, Unions - certainly not the constituents.   Know  what really clogs my arteries?  That the protesters who believe they are getting through to the Congress, have no real clue for what they protest.  What the heck.  Seems there is one country trying to rid itself of Soros - think it is Hungary. Will have to backtrack to verify the Country, but the country is sure anti-Soros. 

You know how I see it Virgina, all politicians who run for office believe they have the right ideas for the job and they convince their constituents to elect them. Once that process is over, they have convinced the citizens they have the best ideas and they are representing their constituents in the best way possible by independently administering his/her beliefs in the most effective way possible. 

M, You know how I see it. Soros is the front man for the inner circle of the Bilderberg Group. 

Finally, Rep Pogan answered my request that he attend the inauguration. As you can

see, he has no idea that he represents his constituents - we voted for Trump.  And his

reasoning? Well, sounds like he has confused Hillary and company with Trump. So

back to the trenches - vote him and Tammy Baldwin out.  Just one more reason why

the democrats lost!!!  So goodbye Pogan, and Baldwin - I'm working to remove both of them.

Mrs. Foulk  (2/13/2017)

Thank you for contacting me regarding my decision to not attend President Trump’s

inauguration ceremony. I value your opinions and thank you for taking the time to

write to me.

After much consideration, I decided to not attend President Trump’s inauguration


on January 20th. I fully intended to attend the inauguration regardless of the results

of this election and hold both the office of the president and the peaceful transfer

of power in high regard. However, President Trump decided not to seriously

address his conflicts of interest, has ignored the troubling evidence of Russia's

interference in our election, and showed blatant disrespect towards civil rights leader

and fellow Congressman, John Lewis. I found it important to send a message to the

president that these actions would not be tolerated. Instead of attending the

inaugural ceremony, I spent my time on Inauguration Day volunteering at a food

pantry and attended the woman’s march in Madison on the following day.

In order to be a president for all Americans, it is vital that Donald Trump 

separate any potential conflicts of interest from his office of power. For our

national security, our president must acknowledge threats to the integrity of our

elections by a foreign power, rather than making baseless claims about voter

fraud. Furthermore, I found it inexcusable for the President to publicly attack 

Congressman John Lewis, a leader and hero of the Civil Rights Movement, over

Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend. We need a president that is willing to put personal

beliefs and opinions aside and to work with all of Congress, instead of using social

media platforms to pick fights with American heroes. I believe that you can have

disagreements with people and still come together to work with one another in a

meaningful manner. However, I spoke out and took action to demonstrate to the

president that there are consequences when he takes part in inappropriate and

undignified personal attacks I respect the office of the president, I simply wish

Donald Trump did as well. Rest assured, I will remain steadfast in fighting any

efforts that might  come at the expense of the 2nd District of Wisconsin and

our shared values. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. If I can be

of further assistance, please call my office at (608) 258-9800. If you would like to

receive regular updates from me on this and other congressional issues, please

visit my website at https://pocan.house.gov  or sign up for my newsletter

here https://pocan.house.gov/contact/newsletter, and follow me on Facebook

(http://www.facebook.com/repmarkpocan) and Twitter (@RepMarkPocan).


Mark Pocan 
Member of Congress

How much did ne win his election by ?  Maybe we can help retire him in 2018.

Unfortunately, he has the LGBT, and Dane county supporting him. But I'll keep working on removing the little, gay dirtball. Wouldn't have had this problem, if the dang GOP hadn't split our region in such a way that he got in.  Redistricting doesn't always work.

LGBT is not big enough to keep him in. Him being gay will work against him at least equally to for it....He puts his personal agenda over country. That needs to be the message against him.If his margin of victory was in single digits, then he has a target on him in 2018 go around. Wisconsin is a purple state that is getting redder..Trump supports manufacturing. Wisconsin is a huge manufacturing state....JOBS JOBS JOBS. When Trump gets companies to invest in your state,Wisconsin will turn totally RED. As far as your gay rep. He will either change his tune or suffer a beating.The Democratic Party is now an anti-American group of activists. I do not think people will stand for it. Only communist socialites will be left in that anti-American party...As we keep things on simmer people will see the truth of the broth.


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