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Authors - Yuval Levin & Ramesh Ponnuru ("Hilary Clinton offers more of the same --- and that is the scariest thing of all)

The authors discuss why many Americans are worried about the state of our Republic. "Vast swathes of the citizenry are "frustrated, dissatisfied, and increasing alienated from the political system."

And the article goes on about the dissatisfaction with both Trump and Clinton.

For example:  "Trump inclines to autocratic rhetoric about how only he can solve the country's problems. He clearly admires foreign strongmen. He is also erratic and unpredictable and tends to disrespect the arduous process of democratic decision-making and the restraints it involves. He argues that American politics and government in our time are in a state of such utter dysfunction that they should be blown apart."

"But the observers who raise these concerns tend to perceive such dangers only with regard to Trump." "Hillary, they say, is by contrast a run-of-the-mill liberal politician. ----"Its true that Hillary Clinton is a mainstream contemporary liberal, albeit a disturbingly unethical one." Article goes on from there, but the paragraph I like is -- "Instead,. it is precisely in the way in which Clinton seems normal that she poses a serious danger to American democracy. The mainstream contemporary liberalism she represents so well is in itself a threat to constitutional government in America. And it is a more concrete and specific threat than Trump --with his bizarre inclinations, his ignorance and carelessness, and his sheer unpredictability -- can pose."  

The article goes on explaining 3 points that mainstream liberals want to accomplish - scary. 

The article is so long, but if others can or have accessed it, great.  The final paragraph explains  what these authors believe can be done to shore up our borders and our rights.

"So what is a constitutionalist to do? In this presidential election, there are no good options. But this year presents us with more that a presidential election.  At the heart of the Left's ambitions, and at the core of many of the troubles bedeviling our constitutional system today, is the weakening of the Congress.  That weakening has been driven in part by dereliction on the part of members of Congress from both parties and in part by aggressive hostility from the other branches -- and particularly the executive.

 Restoring constitutional government will be a long slog. But it is perfectly clear that it requires a strong and assertive Congress, at the very least to resist the ambitions of the other branches but ideally also to restore the prerogatives of the first branch -- to rein in the administrative state and the increasingly lawless executive and to bring our constitutional system back toward its proper balance.

 However constitutionalists end up voting for president, it is imperative that they elect a Congress so inclined.  This year, given the options, they may be able to do no more that that. But they must make sure they do no less."

William F. Buckley, JR. entertained my husband and I in the 1960s debates. We missed the actual debaters - Kennedy was one) got too interested in Buckley's fights with (even forgot his name) Best my husband remembers was Buckley called the other a "Faggot". And when he was told he couldn't say that, Buckley replied, "I just did."  So when this magazine came out a few years ago, I signed for a subscription.  (Just cancelled 2 months ago, because they were trashing Trump - though have 3 more months to go.) Wish Buckley was still around, he would have made this contest so much more fun.

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October 17, 2016
Eric Holder named to lead effort to destroy GOP after Hillary wins the presidency

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/10/eric_holder_named_to_le...
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Holder should be in jail.

The New Carpetbaggers

As I detailed in an earlier article, the nearly 25 years of corrupt dealings by the Clintons concerning Russia, uranium, and the coopting of selected intelligence assets have come back to bite them in the behind -- thanks to Putin. To understand the deception and the ridiculous Clinton claim of Putin cooperating with Trump, a recap of the uranium scheme is in order.

When the Clintons first took power in the 90s, a dissolving Soviet Union had plenty of fruit ripe for the picking. The first step was to designate weapons and materials as the “enemy,” so as to justify retaining some manner of intelligence and military assets to track and counter WMDs and the materials used to make them. Counter-proliferation measures, however well-meaning and necessary, allowed the Clintons to capitalize on the real fear of bad actors getting the material. So Hillary’s first real intelligence surge had been already been implemented in the 90s to track technologies and substances. And, of course, Russia had the lion’s share of the stuff.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/11/russia_comey_and_hi...
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