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Location: Michigan
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Latest Activity: Jun 17, 2012

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Constituting Michigan

Started by GIT-R-DONE! Jan 20, 2011. 0 Replies

Local FBI Offices

Started by JeanWTPUSA Feb 2, 2009. 0 Replies

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Comment by Larry M. Meyer on December 3, 2010 at 6:51am
Hello from Kalamazoo!!
Comment by Jim Neubacher on April 20, 2009 at 8:18pm
Rep Opsommer is wondering if Michigan really knows whats up with REAL ID!!!

April 20, 2009

The Department of Homeland Security is coming to Detroit to push their new "Enhanced Drivers License" (EDL) program on Tuesday as a way to make Michigan licenses compliant with the federal Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). If you don't pay to enhance your license, you'll need a passport in order to continue going across the Canadian and Mexican borders in June (you'll still need a passport to fly).

The most common sense way to address this is to have the federal government make getting passports affordable. At over $100, the Governmental Accounting Office has said that the price of passports is unnecessarily high. But after they passed WHTI they rejected this idea and actually made passports more expensive.

Instead, they're offering to "enhance" our license by having a security interview, paying more, and then getting a wireless RFID chip in your license. While the first two requirements seem reasonable, if the part about the wireless RFID chip has you scratching your head, you're not the only one. We already wisely don't issue licenses to illegal aliens, but with the enhanced license you have to be able to not just prove your citizenship, but prove it via a wireless chip. Everyone who applies will have a new unique federal ID number assigned to them in addition to their current Social Security Number. The wireless chip then carries that new number, which can be wirelessly scanned by common readers up to 30 feet away, even while it's still in your wallet.

In theory this will get you through the border faster, but then you are left with an unencrypted chip in your license for the other 12 hours a day you carry it. There is currently nothing in the law prohibiting the government from using this to track people away from the border, and also nothing in the law that would prohibit banks, hospitals, hotels, or others from linking you with the number and using it for their own marketing purposes or selling it. They mandate RFID identification like this in China, but EDLs would represent the biggest rollout to date for governmental use in the United States.

I have advocated first for the federal government to lower the cost of passports. But at the very least they need to offer enhanced licenses in two varieties, one that has RFID and one that doesn't, and then let taxpayers decide which they want to choose. DHS has instead chosen a take it or leave it approach that bullies taxpayers with fiscal coercion and a one-size-fits-all policy that doesn't allow Michigan to use more secure forms of RFID or to skip the chips altogether. Since an EDL will also technically be a limited passport, how the biometric data on the computer system gets shared with the governments of Canada and Mexico is also important.

Expect the Department of Homeland Security to tell you what a great thing they are doing by allowing you the ability to buy these RFID licenses. They create the problem, provide a solution that is the cheapest for them and most risky for you, and then expect you to like it. But RFID is not mandated by Congress, and if enough states stand up for themselves the policy will be changed. Michigan needs to say no and do just that. For more info ... get involved
Michigan Stands for Constitutional Sovereignty
Comment by Margie on March 5, 2009 at 4:55pm
March 5 2009 What are the citizens in Michigan doing???? We have criminals in our elected offices and an unqualifed guy in the White House? Not a natural Born citizen, Foreign Father !!
Comment by JeanWTPUSA on February 4, 2009 at 4:38pm
Group Members,

Since I started this site before the Nov 4th election, I have made numerous requests to encourage members to take ACTION. I have not only posted these messages on this site, but I have sent out email blasts and I have also posted on other social networking sites.

Recently, my current focus is to encourage others to work on a State and Local level and start talking about the issues with their elected officials, state legislators and fellow citizens, which is why I created these State Action Groups.

The problem remains that there are FEW willing to lead the State Action Groups. Sure, some members have stepped up to be State Coordinators and Assistant State Coordinators and that's great! But, the majority of the State Action groups are without leaders.

It seems that many people on this site and other sites I have visited, do not want to dedicate ANY time and put forth any effort other than sitting in front of their computer and hopping from blog to blog and group to group. This is highly unproductive.

Daily, we are witnessing our rights and freedoms slipping away. Instead of watching in a dazed fog as the future of our Country is being handed over to special interest groups, socialists and others who do not value human life, individual liberties and the gift of a Constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers gave to us, we need to be organizing and planning strategies on how we are going to unite and take back our Country.

I am not sure what it will take for more people to step-up so we can begin to plan a course of action. You CAN NOT plan a course of action on a National level with four or five people. Others NEED to step up to lead. I can't do it all myself and neither can the four or five others that have stepped up.

This group needs a STATE COORDINATOR and an ASSISTANT STATE COORDINATOR. The only way that we will make significant changes is if others, like YOU, step up and and help lead this effort.

I need 100 Americans, 50 State Coordinators and 50 Assistant State Coordinators that are willing to take ACTION!

Only when we have these people in place, can then plan our strategies and determine our course of action. We CAN NOT create a grassroots movement with 4-5 people.

You joined this group because you want to start doing something. Please start TODAY! We need LEADERS and we need to educate other people on different sites to let them know that we are organizing and that we are banning together to take coordinated ACTION!

Start asking people when they are going to take action? When their neighbors are taken away....when their children are locked up.....when their guns are taken from them....when food is being rationed....when their retirement money is worthless? WHEN?

It is no surprise that many states are now proposing state soveriegnty bills, it is no surprise that we may have a Usurper in the oval office, it is no surprise that Congress is planning on spending Trillions of tax payer dollars on programs that are only intended to stimulate special interest groups and NOT the economy. Our Country is a mess. Our educational system is one of the worst in the industrialized world, our jobs are being outsourced to cheap labor over sees and illegal alliens are driving up the cost of our health care.

We have to start talking to others! We have to coordinate activities. We have to ban together!

Unfortunatley, many people think OTHERS will take action. They are WRONG! There are over 730 Members on this site and many other visitors come here each day, just to see what is going on, but do NOTHING. We have to actively seek out citizens that are willing to do SOMETHING. We need to start recruiting the Doers and not the Talkers.

Everyone one of us is busy! The majority of us have work, a home, a family, bills to pay, doctors visits to go to, school and other outside obligations...so please tell people that they can no longer use this as excuse for not doing anything productive, the stakes our too high. Our freedom is at stake.

It will be too late when citizens are taken away to the FEMA camps in the middle of the night or people start to lose their life's savings.

If YOU joined this group because YOU want to do something, please email me and offer to volunteer to help coordinate your state's action group or to find out what else you can do immediately to help us organize and coordinate our efforts. Do it TODAY, because tomorrow may be too late.

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