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George Washington, in his first address to congress warned us of the danger of what we see the government doing today.  Washington said that only two nations in history have been formed dedicated to God, the first being Israel, the second being the United States of America.  He asked that "how can a nation dedicated to God violate His laws and expect to retain God's blessings?".  Today the nation, including many Christians, has…


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Pope Francis comes to the USA and is treated like royalty by fuehrer obama and the media minions of satan.  Francis isn't my father, and he certainly isn't "holy".  I believe Francis is the false prophet mentioned in the Holy Bible.  In Matthew chapter 7 verse 15 Jesus warns us of false prophets, saying: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves."  Francis says that anyone…


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Kim Davis, the County Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky has been found in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples in spite of the illegal "supreme court" ruling that homosexuals MUST be allowed to marry.  In the first place, marriage is a covenant with God and…


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Oklahoma Republican Party At It Again


I had an experience this last weekend that affirmed my concern for the future of this nation.  The Oklahoma State Republican Party had a special State Committee Meeting concerning charges of corruption and voting irregularities at the 1st District Convention in Tulsa back in April.  The Ron Paul delegation felt they were disenfranchised by the way the convention was administered.  This has been in…


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The "supreme court"!!!! What Constitution????? What God?????

Once again we see the Constitution rendered irrelevant.  This time by five people who view themselves and their opinions as superior to even the Word of God, and ignore the precepts that this nation was founded upon.  Five arrogant "what I think is above all else in the universe" lawyers have decided that they can determine what states can or cannot do in spite of the fact that the Constitution does not give them that right.  This nation is no…


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Speaking of Racism, Let's Talk About the Congressional Black Caucus

Recently another racist, Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), began yapping about the "Stars and Bars", a Confederate battle flag, being "offensive" to "African-Americans" and many more "fair-minded Americans".  Well, la di da, the terms "African-American" and "fair-minded Americans" offend me!!!!!  I am offended by those who hyphenate themselves as though ancestry means more than citizen status of this…


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Declaration of Independence 2015

In light of the similarity between the actions of King George III and the current federal government a reissuance of the Declaration of Independence is not only appropriate but very necessary.  We the people have suffered long beyond "while evils are sufferable" and have tried diligently to persuade our elected "representatives" to listen to our demands that they adhere to the Constitution but they continually refuse to obey their employers, We the…


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Time to Return America to God


This nation has fallen far because Godless government "officials" and the minions of satan have removed the Hand of God from the reins and have told Him He is no longer welcome in the public forum.  They have done this while Christians sat back not wanting to "offend" those who get offended any time they don't get their way unopposed, like a 2 year old…


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Americans Being Murdered: Politicians Do Nothing But Point Fingers

American citizens are being murdered by illegal alien invaders and all the NWO owned political elitists do is blame each other while none of them do anything to stop the carnage.  How much longer are We the People going to tolerate the political ruling class ignoring crimes by illegal aliens while they spend their time trying to disarm citizens?  Neither wing of the NWOSP (…


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Perpetually Offended Libtards Crying Again

Libtards on social media now have their panties in a wad because a bakery made a cake decorated with a Confederate battle flag, Oh the horror!!!!! All of this time and energy based on a non-issue that is being used to spread hate and disinformation about events that happened more than 150 years ago is stupid.  Blacks are still being disenfranchised by the same democrat party that brought slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, dogs and fire…


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Husband and Wife Now "Hate Speech" Words of Bigotry?

The donkey wing nuts of the NWOSP (http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2015/06/the-new-world-order-socialist-party-controls-america/) are going full bore on ridiculous.  Now "rep." Lois Capps (D-Calif) has introduced legislation to make these words "hate speech" as "discriminatory" against homosexuals and demand…


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I am currently watching a mini-series called "Nazis: Evolution of Evil" on the American Heroes Channel (AHC).  It is about Adolph Hitler's rise to power in Germany, how he did it and how many people he murdered to accomplish his quest for absolute power.  The similarities between these two narcissists are eerily and frighteningly similar.  Hitler used an economic disaster, the 1929 stock market crash,…


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A young woman named Tomi Lahren of San Diego based One America News cable news network had the courage to publicly and forcefully chastize the Fuehrer, Barak Obama, for his support of islamic terrorists that has…


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Fuehrer Obama and the Rubber Stamp Congress

I am currently watching a mini-series on the American Heroes Channel called "Nazis: Evolution of Evil".  It shows how Adolph Hitler rose to power then made one tyrannical decision after another only to be applauded by the German Parliament who went along with everything Hitler did, either from ideological agreement or fear of retribution if they objected.  Parliament passed any law Hitler demanded they pass, giving him unlimited power.    Doesn't…


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What Would Jesus Really Do?????


                        I find it very interesting how people view Jesus today.  I am not a bible scholar and cannot quote more than just a few very common scripture verses, but is being able to quote chapter and verse from the Holy Bible really that important?  Knowing what the Bible says is important.  Living by Scripture, especially by the New Testament things taught by Jesus and his Apostles are important, but I find a lot of people who are so quote-crazy they…


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The Republican Party: When the Body Guard joins the Bully!!!!!


                        I was listening to Rush Limbaugh (Wednesday Dec. 17, 2013) and he had a very interesting call from a woman relating to a survey Limbaugh discussed about men not arguing with or disagreeing with their wife.  The survey found that when men never challenged the wife’s decisions the marriage got worse instead of getting better as is the common belief. …


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When will GLAAD Criticize Islam like They Do Phil Robertson?


                        Why is it that the Democrat Party, Republican Party, the media, homosexual groups like GLAAD, pro-abortion groups, and all other liberals who spout vile things about the TEA Party and Christians never have one word of criticism about Islam?????   A Christian can’t decline to bake a cake without national outrage but homosexuals being hanged for “aberrant sexual behavior” in Moslem nations bring no response.   If I called a homosexual any…


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“Rendition”, Fact or Fiction? Totalitarian Government is Here


                        I watched the movie “Rendition” a few nights ago and began thinking about the situation in our nation today.  The movie is about an Egyptian man who has lived in the United States for 20 years, moving here when he was 14. He is a college educated chemical engineer, married, with a young son and a pregnant wife.  He has some relatives who have the same last name as a known terrorist so he is kidnapped by the CIA upon his return to the United…


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Liberals Cheer Over Dead Oklahoma Children!!!


                        As bad as Democrats have been in the past I don’t think anything can top the situation of their reaction to the Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  Lizz Winstead of the Daily Caller tweeted that the tornado was “ordered to target conservatives”, a comment she now says was done in jest.  How does anyone joke about anyone, and especially children, dying from a terrible natural disaster?  I wonder if she considered it just as funny when children of the…


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Mark Sanford: Embezzler, Adulterer, TEA Party Hero????


                        I received this message in an e-mail from The TEA Party Express and was appalled at what I read.

First Tea Party Victory of the 2014 Cycle

Tea Party Express, the nation's largest Tea Party political action committee, congratulates Mark Sanford on his election victory tonight.

Sanford, a Republican, defeated Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch by a 54 percent to 45 percent margin in the 1st Congressional…


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