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I am currently watching a documentary by the One America News Network dealing with the obama administration's attempt to whitewash the crimes of hillary clinton and to frame candidate, president-elect, then President Donald Trump for crimes that were never committed. They detail how the obama administration, from obama on down, bought a false dossier that they knew was false and was financed by the clinton campaign and the democrat party. The false dossier was used to obtain a FISA court warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Everything they did violated the Constitution and constituted acts of treason against the nation. FBI director james comey, deputy director andrew mccabe, justice department executives sally yates, dana boente, and rod resenstein, all very high ranking officials were involved in these conspiratorial acts of treason yet have not been punished appropriately. Some resigned, some were demoted, and some were fired but treason of this magnitude is an act punishable by death and I know that won't happen. Hillary clinton was also very involved in this conspiracy but recent history has shown very clearly that she is untouchable. Every person that could be seen as a threat to her aspirations of dictatorial power have died in unsolved mysteries. Vince Foster shot himself twice in the back of the head but before he died managed to hide the gun where it still hasn't been found, without leaving a blood trail. Seth Rich, another clinton insider died under unexplained circumstances that will likely never be revealed because anyone seriously investigating it will also die a sudden and mysterious death. Our government is in the grasp of very evil people, including most of congress. The entire democrat party and much of the republican party are controlled by Nazi war criminal george soros. Soros' goal is to destroy the nation and reestablish it as a dictatorship under his control. Democrats covet the power they can have by cooperating with soros. The FISA court is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court set up to investigate foreign interference in our national affairs. The democrat conspirators obtained a search warrant authorizing them to spy on the Trump campaign based on information they knew to be false, biased, and paid for by the clinton campaign. They got the original warrant and 3 extensions without ever telling the judge where they got the information nor that it was all paid for by the Trump opposition, the clinton campaign and the democrat party. At the time this documentary was done the people who did this have not so much as been cited for contempt of court for deliberately lying to a federal judge. There are a few republicans trying to right this wrong but so far nothing has been done. Democrats claim Trump was paying Russia to ensure his election when they knew that was an outright lie. I have watched this 33 minute documentary twice and have on my DVR to be saved until I erase it and I am soon going to put it to DVD. The conspiracy was designed to first prevent the election of Donald Trump and if elected to create false grounds for impeachment.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most evil people to ever slither into our federal government. Everyone involved in this illegal conspiracy has a connection with clinton. Comey and mccabe both covered up for hillary in her illegal use of unsecured server, while Secretary of State, to send and receive classified information. The criminal acts committed by these loathsome creatures are the worst acts against the nation since Benedict Arnold conspired to turn West Point over to the British during the Revolutionary War. All the people involved in this conspiracy, from barak obama down, should be hanged for treason but that isn't going to happen. I believe the most likely outcome is another whitewash that leaves all of them, and their unnamed co-conspirators free to continue their actions to destroy the nation. Loretta Lynch is another despicable lying traitor. The number of high ranking government officials involved in this conspiracy is distressing at best and absolutely alarming to me. The biggest problem I see is that there is so much corruption in both political parties that no one wants to rock the boat by being honest. Anyone cooperating to get to the bottom of this and punish the guilty put themselves at severe risk of "committing suicide" as Vince Foster did. It is also quite likely that family members will be in jeopardy also in case one's duty is more important to them than their life. If they won't back off to save their own life maybe they will do so to keep loved ones safe, that is how crime cartels work. One can look at the Mafia over the years to see how this tactic works. Our nation is reeling under the criminal acts of government officials against We the People, most of which we may never find out about.

Barak obama and hillary clinton are also up to their eyeballs in the conspiracy that resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stephens in the embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. Stinger anti aircraft missiles were either sold or given to moslem terrorists by the obama regime. Stephens was sent to Benghazi to either retrieve some of them or make sure they couldn't be traced back to the obama regime. When the "spontanious riot" began an Army General and a Navy Admiral organized a rescue operation but were told by obama to stand down. When they refused to leave American citizens at the mercy of islamic terrorists they were relieved of command and the Admiral, a man named Rear Admiral Charles Garoutte was arrested by his replacement. Stephens and several other Americans were murdered by this terrorist attack and obama did nothing but make excuses. There was nothing"spontaneous" about the attack. Although I have no proof I believe the attack was either planned or encouraged by obama and clinton to cover their treasonous activity. It has become very clear to me that satan has operatives in the highest positions in our government. The amount of illegal, immoral, and satanic activity within the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government is alarming to me.

I daily pray asking Almighty God to soften the hearts of these people so they will turn around or remove them from office. Sadly, the base problem is voters who will vote for people they know are immoral power hungry despots. Many seem to think that despots will only come after people like myself but history has shown that despots create enemies where they need them. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, and other dictators eventually got around to killing even their staunchest supporters when they ran out of others to persecute. Liberal voters will find out much too late that despotism adversely effects everyone but the despots themselves. That fat little North Korean despot put his uncle into a pit with dogs that killed and ate him. I believe obama and clinton would do the same, even to their own children if they felt danger posed by the children having a bout of conscience that could threaten their despotic aspirations. I also pray daily that God will open the eyes of liberal citizens so they can see what they are doing and the danger they put themselves and their descendants in. Let all who love liberty be thankful for it, defend it, and pray daily that Almighty God, the Creator of all things, will preserve it because We the People are doing all we can and seeking Him for what we are not able to do ourselves. Freedom once lost is lost for generations. The Russian people lost their freedom to communism and it was gone for 3 generations, only being restored because America stood against tyranny and brought it to its knees with the help of God. Germany lost its freedom to Nazi socialism and only regained it after the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives given by British, Canadian, Australian, and American soldiers, sailors, and airmen in World War II. And this after 12 years of violent tyranny during which hitler and his cronies murdered millions of civilians whose only "crime" was their ethnicity. If America loses liberty there is no other nation to take it back for us so it is up to us to preserve it through prayer, and our own efforts as much as we can. People like barak obama, hillary clinton, and those of their ilk won't just go away on their own they must be driven out by We the People with help from our Creator. One day Jesus will come back and send these minions of satan to their eternal "reward" but until then prayer and overt opposition MUST be daily efforts on the part of every person who values liberty. Until obama, clinton, and their co-conspirators are executed for TREASON no person in this nation is safe, especially those of us willing to speak out against tyranny.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

Claremore, Oklahoma

July 21, 2019

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Comment by kathyet on August 9, 2019 at 8:34am

Great post can I share it over at MeWe If I can do you want your name on there as well brought over by me???

Comment by kathyet on August 9, 2019 at 8:30am

I really like OAN 

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