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As the Dem's or Pseudo Dems travel along the campaign trail, I am left with a  feeling that there is no real contest being launched but an ornate smoke screen in assuring that the Clinton Dynasty sees another light of day.

In observing the "Stroking" that Clinton and Sanders provided for each other, I am sure if it got any more sappy, I would have been victim of Dem Debate Hyperglycemia... a rather rare but not unheard of disease in this voting cycle as in others where the underline ill is to sugar up the unlearned and non caring voters with free and uncontrollable  injections of other peoples "Sweet Green", A SocialProgressive Soylent Green sort of speak.

Sanders, for as off the hook that he is, is of no real threat to Clinton, but a diversion, that history(who ever decides to write it) can refer to as a challenge where no challenge exists, yet is just as dangerous.

Sanders is the other side of the same political pill as Clinton for if the swift effect of the injection doesn't get voters hooked, the slow absorption in swallowing the poison will. A servile self-seeking flatterer that Sanders clearly showed (as most drug pushers do) and continues to be gives Clinton the clear path to the nomination as the Democratic candidate in 2016.

Yet, in looking at the herd so far for the Republicans, if a viable antidote is not uncovered and strong enough to cure the Democratic Disease, we will all find ourselves taking the "Green Disc" and the recovery for our "Constitution" will flat line.

As with the Oppressing Obama Care, the high cost of taking on the Democrat-"ick" will never be able to be treated, nor a scalpel sharp enough to skillfully remove the tumor, and with the scars of being "BURNED" forever embedded into our then lawless and decaying souls.

I offer this rather dark and satiric Orwellian analogy in the hope of creating some serious thought of what this Presidential voting cycle is truly about.

Is the destruction of our country and its citizens worth the risk of of becoming indifferent to the issues, frustrated with outcomes, and numb in following a false hope, a long shot, or even a nuance just to prove a point? 

You are the product of your vote.  You are responsible as a citizen of this gift that is these United States with States being the operative

word to not toss it away on a folly.  We are given the ability to think and to choose....will we choose wisely or be damned? 


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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Democrat Cory Booker dropped out of the presidential race Monday, ending a campaign whose message of unity and love failed to resonate in a political era marked by chaos and anxiety.

New Jersey 101.5's Eric Scott…



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January 28, 2020... the night that turns NJ CRANBERRY RED... President Trump has scheduled a rally at the Wildwood Convention Center.  For me, this is a most epic event for NJ Conservatives and the State GOP. 

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A weekly all day Saturday fun event beginning  this November 15  is for All members to show off their humor, pics, meme's and other jocularity comments to the issues at hand.

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Anerican's Still winning.....It's about time!!!

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Republicans Tout Incredible Judicial Confirmation Numbers

  • November 12, 2019
  • President Donald J. Trump is nominating judges to the federal bench at an astonishing pace.…


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