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Concerning the Florida Shooting, We Are At A Crossroads.

Reprinted with permission of the author; The Tradesman


Concerning the Florida Shooting, We Are At A Crossroads.

Concerning the Florida school shooting: Gun law changes attract renewed GOP interest http://fxn.ws/2oeMKun  #FoxNews Just strengthening existing laws and regulations will not result in more safety. We need to find out the root causes driving these killers. 

When they strengthened and "Fixed the background check system they did not put a fixed set of rules open to public debate on what is and what is not acceptable to the public at large about impacting constitutional rights, and agreed on by all parties. To my way of thinking, this set of rules must realistically address root causes.It must also be fixed as if in stone, so future politicians can't change anything to suit their agendas. 
Congress did not do that, and they refused to do what they had promised us by not pairing the reciprocity act with it. In effect the powers that be in Congress acted to stab us in the back.
To put it plainly; If they fix the background check system there must be an agreed on hard set of rules as to what can and can't be done in the name of safety.Too often reasonable rules are bastardized by politicians who practice overreach as a matter of course.interpreting the new rules must be clearly spelled out and agreed on by the public. 

One other important observation; While it sounds good on the surface, it begs the question, "Who decides?"   Obviously, the government would seize that mantle and, like ALL government programs, would soon overreach, disarming anyone and everyone it could, for our own good, of course.This must be prevented at it's inception so politicians would be unable to change it at a whim. 
If you look at the current set of protests and the coalition of media,left wing politicians, Hollywood do gooders, and misguided children, you will see they are already doing it with the end game being the total confiscation of civilian firearms

The root causes must be studied within a reasonable time frame to begin with and be able to continue as new information is accrued,then the public must decide how much Safety is really derived and how much suppression of rights will be created. A reasonable balance needs to be determined. These decisions must not be driven by Political Agendas for any reason. 

ALL factions need an equal seat at the negotiation table. The same caveat needs to be held for all the collected data in finding out the root causes that drive the killers as well as what could stop them. At this point, we do not actually know what those root causes might be. We do not know what will necessarily work. We do however know what has not worked so far, so it will be necessary for all sides to relax their hard held beliefs until facts are forthcoming from the study. 

Gun Control is the progressives deadly lie. look how it has done nothing to stop the killings.Outlawing certain guns did nothing to stop the killings either.Lets demand real protections for our kids and our selves. Repeating Progressive folly did not work, and will not work. 
The very Definition of insanity is repeating the same things like the progressives do with Gun Control/Gun Free Zones, and expecting a different outcome. Lets find out the real problems for once and correct them to save our kids lives.Their end game is and always has been disarming the public so it is easier to totally control them through fear and intimidation.

Based on findings from all the shooters backgrounds, things like medical histories,upbringing,school records,friends, environment,habitual behaviors, and the many more things found to be commonalities across the range of shooters. Those things will have to be studied in depth. 

Seriously though, we need to reevaluate what we have been doing, and see it in the light of reality to determine how effective it really is in the real world as opposed to the Fantasy World inhabited by the Progressive/Liberal/Socialist Gun Grabbers.I truthfully believe they don't give one Whit about it's effectiveness, as long as it conforms to their Agendas..

From that study we need to formulate plans to eliminate the triggering conditions and find ways to ameliorate damage already done to potential shooters. This also must not be corrupted by political agendas or wishful thinking.The compromises must be reasonable not dictatorial.

Everything we are doing now must of necessity be reevaluated for it's effectiveness and impact on the issue of serial shootings and serial shooters. We may or may not find things we are doing contribute to the killings.We may find that Not training our kids about guns is a factor. There are probably many more factors to be considered. Lets find out the actual truth of the matter.

We must learn to act on the factors the study finds out about the root causes, and act on them while rejecting political and personal desires as wishful thinking that will only serve to harm more innocent people. As it sits, neither side is right at this point. Neither side actually knows what is happening, but are ready to create fixes based on their personal preferences and agendas.Agendas that will facilitate Dictatorships if the Elites behind them get their way.

We have a real mess here that poses a danger to all innocent people unless it's addressed properly. I believe that most of the problem stems from political expedience to pander to public fears for reelection purposes, enhancing power and control,and amassing more wealth rather, than systematically correcting the killings problem.

I agree we do need change. Change that will not be political desideratum, but in fact, will positively impact the clear and present danger from serial shooters, preying on the innocent public. Politicians will take the easy road unless we force them to take the right road on this. As it sits now, we will have to Force them through the ballot box by removing the most intractable and opinionated of them from office. 

What Trump and/or Congress needs to do is to commission an unbiased study on all the factors common to all the serial shooters and see which ones contributed to their becoming serial killers. Once we really know what the causes are we can work to eliminate them and save lives. Bring in both sides Pro gun and Con gun, to oversee the integrity of the study, but NOT contribute to the end results.

I suggest that the Congress get it together and create real laws that actually have a chance of saving lives instead of pandering to highly vocal agendas on both sides of the issue.Until then, we must harden the targets as much as is possible and train & arm the staffs.The laws across the United States should be changed to allow for any adult not previously adjudged to be mentally unfit or having been convicted of a Felony to be able to carry a Stun Gun or a Projectile Taser without the necessity of a permit. Laws to their legal use for self protection should not be touched except to standardize them.

The Tradesman

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Concerning the Florida Shooting, We Are At A Crossroads.

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Reprinted with permission of the author; The Tradesman…



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