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The actions of the fake news is so treasonous that some of them will be targeted by some extreme right. Being treasonous with a platform has very serious aspects. When they get hit with it ,i could care less. Except they will then blame Trump.This could get very bad. .....LET IT RIDE CLYDE.

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Comment by kevin kiernan on September 26, 2019 at 11:11am

We now see the Progressive Democrat (communist) Party has now put impeachment on the front burner. They are desperate because they see what is coming down the tracks. Calling for hearings ,and working with the CNN`S (communist news networks) ,they are hoping for anything they can hang their hat on. Trump has been pointing this out over the last few years as our leader who is DRAINING THE SWAMP. It is important for all of us to understand that this is tied to the Globalist movement. It is to hard to get the average Joe voter to understand this truth.But understanding it will help you all to see the truth of how the Devil is crafting  the future as he see`s it. The Bilderberg Group is the shadow global governing  force. It is corporate elite government (COMMUNISM). If you follow Trump closely ,you can see that he understands that.The establishment GOP has slowly been moving away from the Soros gang,while the DEMS keep lapping up the favors of the global communist leaders as to position themselves as elite`s themselves (BROWN SHIRTS) ...The left has been connecting the ONE WORLD ORDER  through economic development (EUROPEAN UNION-NAFTA. And other trade agreements)........Teaching this to others has been very frustrating. For the good politicians to speak of this has been political suicide . I can clearly say that I have been rejected for teaching the truth in many of my circle of friends. I am so happy that we finally have a President that knows and understands the truth of it. If you can see the truth I speak of, than you will totally admire this President for what he is doing. GOD BLESS TRUMP.....Getting back to the Communist News Corps. It is obvious to most that fake news is real. Exposing the truth of Fake News is another win for Trump. Many of us new it but Trump has totally blown their cover. While most good politicians in the past would not speak of it because it would have been political suicide. The Liberty movement is gaining members. The Walk Away movement is an example of this truth. Hopefully ,the Walk  Away movement can become the tea-party of the Democrat Party. At some point we do need at least a 2 or 3 party system... What we did to the Republican Party is a Great example to copy in the future. It starts with Patriotism and desire to respect the constitution.I think it is important to finish cleaning out the GOP. (ROMNEY MUST GO).. And do not get fooled by Senator Graham . His refusal to call anyone on the left in for hearings tells me his connection to the establishment. Why he does not call Biden in to be questioned about his connections to Ukrane ,China and his sons getting millions by company`s in these countries...His son is a dumb drug addict who has enriched himself for just being the Son of a Vice President. I urge everyone from the old Tea Party. Our work is not done. Cleaning up the GOP  is the mission. We must keep our foundation strong . We must keep our house clean from establishment hacks.Another one is Senator Mitch M. He has done a good job with putting Judges in place. But he has enriched himself over the years. Keeping him in place for now is fine ,but we do need to find a Good replacement. Congress still has establishment GOPer`s in it. We have made huge strides in ousting many hacks, but work still needs to be done. LONG LIVE THE FREEDOM CAUCUS... I think I have said enough for today.  Keep Teaching the TRUTH OF IT..

Comment by kevin kiernan on September 24, 2019 at 5:43pm

Impeaching Trump will bring out the right wing nut jobs....I predict very bad things will happen to the fake news corps. Not a good time to be a left winger...

Comment by kathyet on August 9, 2019 at 9:40am

I agree, Wonder how long it will take for them to turn on themselves.. I never watch any of their newscasts..

I do watch Fox Business News though and Fox News cable direct TV  I do like One America News Network on Direct TV 347, and it is on line,  and CRTV/Blaze TV that is online only for now.I heard they are coming on TV soon...

Comment by kevin kiernan on April 30, 2019 at 12:18am

Comment by kevin kiernan on April 27, 2019 at 1:48am

Comment by kevin kiernan on April 27, 2019 at 1:37am

Here is a flash back....

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