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Legalists Rally Against The Speculative Fiction Menace

Baptist Pastor James Cooley has posted a homily at SermonAudio.com condemning the use of the latest Superman film as an apologetic outreach.

This pastor contends that the true Christian ought to avoid the film altogeher since the symbols and motifs utilized in the story could be coopted by the Son of Perdition to delude the unsuspecting into accepting the End Times' deceiver as the Son of God.

But the question must be asked, how does this pastor know so much about the movie if he is not simply suggesting discernment should one decide to view the film but that the film be avoided altogether?

By bringing up a topic that does not appear blatantly wicked on the surface, doesn't a pastor worthy of the respect and pay as such have to encourage those in his congregation to be like the Bereans and to then investigate the claims on their own which might entail actually watching the film to determine for themselves whether the conclusions made by the minister are valid or not?

How does Superman not live up to Christian values if we take the narrative at face value?

He doesn't make the world bow at his feet demanding worship, he renders his services for free, and for decades let the woman he's attracted to treat him like dirt before she realized who he was.

Doesn't Zod serve as evidence of what Superman would be like if he was not a highly moral individual?

The arguments against comic books and fantasy films spouted from the pulpits of the extremes of fundamentalist Christianity only decline in lucidity from that particular logical plateau.

Pastor James Cooley condemned Batman as a humanist for relying primarily upon his mind to solve crimes.

So I guess we should wait idly by for all of life's problems to miraciously resolve themselves with no effort on our part?

Another pastor condemning the conceptual construct of the superhero narrative said that God has called us to “kingdom work” and not fighting aliens.

But we may be on the cusp of a time when those missions are about to overlap.

A pastor opposed to superhero stories and comic books insisted that such narratives were wicked because instrinic to the structure was an attempt to save the world.

So by that standard, it would be immoral to write a novel about the military especially during a conflict like World War II?

Pastor James Cooley, in a sermon titled “Super Heroes Replace Christ” said, “JRR Tolkien was a lost Catholic that went to hell, amen.”

Indeed Tolkien did if he did not rely soley on Christ to save him from his sins.

But so does the confused Baptist that thinks adhering to all of the Baptist peculiarities (including avoiding comic books and fantasy movies) are necessary to attest to the authenticity of one's faith.

In a sermon condemning superhero entertainment, a legalist complained that you can't have a decent understandable conversation with someone that watches movies and plays video games.

Now the legalist knows how the rest of us feel in dealing with someone whose faith doesn't simply inform or influence what they say and do but is the only thing they can obsessively talk about.

By Frederick Meekins

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Comment by M on July 10, 2013 at 2:16pm

I remember the comic book burnings of the late forties and early fifties, and I was told of other book burnings in the US of books that were comprised mainly of Traditional/Classical German and Japanese writings published well before WWII. I even heard that some of the books that were burned in the 'Righteous Mob Anger' and Ignorance just happened to be German Language Bibles, that the book burners did not know were Bibles, but considered anything German or Japanese as evil incarnate. I would say that any Fanaticism is wrong be it the Christian Crusades or the modern Jihads, both of which were directed by Political ends rather than by Religious ones. Faith is defined by the individual in respect to how they view and believe in God. Common Sense should dictate that God is unknowable to us mere humans, but that does not preclude us from attempting to know and love God. It is also not a valid excuse for foisting basically Political Agendas or Harsh Religious Dogma on the believers. The purpose of Religion in my opinion, is to set a Moral Framework, based on the Commandments, and on the teachings of Jesus, to temper the Old Testament 'Wrathful God' aspect that some preach with Fire and Brimstone Threats. A person can be highly Moral and be a Devout Believer, without being Fanatical or overbearing about it, and lead by the example of how they live and inter-react with others .

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